Va. Tech Soccer Player Files Lawsuit Against Coach, Claims She Was Targeted For Not Kneeling

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Former Virginia Tech soccer player Kiersten Hening has filed a federal lawsuit against Hokies coach Charles “Chugger” Adair, claiming the coach benched her and “subjected her to verbal abuse” and ultimately forced her off the women’s soccer team because she refused to kneel before soccer matches.

According to the lawsuit first reported by the Richmond Times-Dispatch, Hening, a junior out of Midlothian, Va., was a “talented defender” who started her freshman and sophomore seasons and played the third-most minutes on the team in 2019. As she began her junior season in 2020, the suit alleges, Hening had the most minutes played on the roster and she was even selected to talk to the media before the season began.

The lawsuit alleges that on September 1, 2020, a student-athlete advisory committee discussed proposals for student-athletes to wear BLM COVID masks, BLM wristbands, armbands and BLM shirts during warmups. The soccer team discussed the proposal and “most” players supported the idea. Hening claims Adair supported the proposals and went even further with an idea to replace “Hokies” on the back of the team uniform with the names of alleged victims of police misconduct.

Adair also allegedly expressed support for those who took a knee before games. Hening “quietly dissented.” She says in her suit that she supports social justice and believes that black lives matter, but that she doesn’t support the Black Lives Matter organization, especially its mission of defunding police and eliminating the nuclear family.

Shortly after that meeting on Sep. 1, Hening expressed her concerns through text messages with other players. The texts were then converted to screenshots that made it back to the coach. By September 3, players demanded that Adair address the texts and “the fact that some of his players were ‘racist’ and did not support BLM.”

Hening states in her suit that at a September 12 game against Virginia, Adair made her the subject of a tirade because she wouldn’t take a knee with the rest of the starters before the match. The “campaign of abuse,” as Hening calls it in court documents, continued until she ultimately left the program on September 20.

Hening is asking for the court to declare that Adair violated her First and Fourteenth Amendment rights; that she be reinstated to the team; that she be granted compensatory damages, punitive damages, and nominal damages; and that Adair undergo First Amendment training.

Written by Joe Kinsey

Joe Kinsey is the Senior Director of Content of OutKick and the editor of the Morning Screencaps column that examines a variety of stories taking place in real America.

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  1. Honestly – pretty awesome suit and the remedies requested are all logical and reasonable. The short-timeline of how all of these claims come about also indicate how colleges now a day are mob-thinking organizations that encourage group-think and not individual freedom of thoughts.

  2. Need more people to have backbones like this woman. Too many folks are afraid to be called a racist and cower into submission. Good on Kiersten, I hope she gets a judge with the same backbone and wins her suit.

    • That was my first thought as well, wow what teammates. I mean some of the girls on the team spent up to three years with Hening and so poof because she won’t virtue signal she is racist all of a sudden. One would think the racism would have shown up in some actions over 3 years. I mean racism is hard to hide. Good for Hening and her legal counsel for bringing this case.

  3. If these cases start going to court and to a jury, it will quickly be known that most people aren’t supportive of these coaches and institutions. A few hammers for punitive damages and these Universities and their “woke” administrations will start to fold like a cheap suit.

  4. There is by far more than one player per team in every sport in every school in the country that feels the same. They ALL need to follow this precedent and let the “powers that be” know what’s really going on. Good for her for leading the sane charge.

  5. She should add a couple of addendums to her suit. #1: That all white students currently serving on the student advisory council be replaced by transgender student athletes and/or black student athletes. #2: Replace head coach with a black coach. #3: Will drop lawsuit if head coach voluntarily resigns and never coaches Div 1 again, and is replaced by a black coach by the university. While we’re at it, let’s have all the white girls on that team that knelt and feel so strongly about BLM voluntarily leave the program and relinquish their scholarships so they can be given to black females.

  6. Where was the gop the past 50 years to hold the line as the left took over every major institution cultural, and governmental? Oh yea- cheering the fact they cut the capital gains tax a couple of points.
    When Mitt Romney is in the foxhole with you, you know your screwed!

    • Exactly. Strong, independent, successful female athlete. Stands true to her beliefs no matter what. Doesn’t follow the crowd. That’s everything Nike and Gatorade want right? Oh wait, she’s not black or part of the LGQRSTUVPZX.

  7. Good for this young lady. I hope she wins the lawsuit and “Chugger” (white woke self hating fruity pie) has to take a class on the 1st Amendment and the school pays up big time. She has courage and should be admired by all.
    Also, her teammates must be real c**ts.

  8. This guy isn’t some shitforbrains leftist professor, he literally sat in her kitchen to recruit her, and she gave him her all before his neurosis caused him to earn the title of “biggest asshole in college sports.” Getting fired is too good for this idiot.

  9. Why did she quit the team? She could have continued to build evidence against the coach and the university. That some members of the team called her racist because she didn’t support a marxist for-profit company that demands the overthrow of the US government. There should be action taken against those players too.

  10. Something nobody is pointing out… as much as I applaud her, I applaud her parents. She didn’t turn out this way by accident. We have a generation of 40s-50s parents that are raising what we are seeing today in our youth. Some are outstanding and but unfortunately many more are completely shitty. I believe my boys would act in a manner as Kiersten did, but what of her teammates? Those parents and professors of the ame age are the ones failing our society. The kids are just learning from their examples. In a short span of time we went from the greatest generation to a hippy generation to a spineless generation and we are seeing the results daily. God help us at this rate.

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