Wild CFB Sequence Unfolds After Player Blocks PAT With Face And Loses Helmet, Loose Ball Scrum Ends In Points That Don’t Count

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One of the weirdest plays that you will ever see in college football took place during UTEP’s win over FAU on Saturday night. And in the end, it didn’t count.

Late in the fourth quarter, the Owls found the end zone to put themselves within one point of a 21-21 tie. They lined up to kick the extra point and what happened next was bananas.

Miners defensive end Praise Amaewhule came with the rush up the middle, split the line, and made his way deep into the backfield. As he did, the kicker got his foot on the ball and booted it directly into his opponent’s face.

UTEP’s extra point block quickly devolved into insanity.

The kick was blocked by Amaewhule’s head, which caused him to lose his helmet in the process.

Meanwhile, the ball went bouncing back toward midfield and mayhem ensued. Both teams converged on the ball but neither side was able to gain possession as it continued to roll along the turf.

FAU got to the ball first, but could not hold on and it squirted out at the 45-yard-line. Eventually, UTEP cornerback Latrez Shelton scooped up the loose ball, took off toward the end zone, and out-ran everybody.

It looked like Shelton had successfully returned the blocked kick for two points. However, the play was called back on account of Amaewhule.

After getting his face on the ball and losing his helmet, Amaewhule took off after the kick he had just blocked. In doing so, he was illegally participating in the play and was flagged.

The block, return, and score was overturned.

As a result of the penalty, the Owls were granted a rekick and made their second attempt to tie the game. The entire play was insane and even the broadcast announcer didn’t really know what to say.

College football is a totally normal sport. Don’t let anyone tell you otherwise!

Written by Grayson Weir

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