Utah Jazz Guard Jordan Clarkson Was Ready To Throw Hands On The Court After Fouling Grizzlies’ Desmond Bane

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Utah Jazz’s Jordan Clarkson often forgets that he’s paid to perform on the hardcourt instead of in the Octagon.

In Sunday night’s Western Conference matchup between the Jazz and Memphis Grizzlies, Clarkson got in the middle of another altercation following a hard foul on Desmond Bane.

Brawls, Bane and All That Jazz

Clarkson was ready to go full Sonny Liston as tensions flared up on Memphis’ side.

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Bane (24 points) was cooking Clarkson beyond the arc — so he took a hard swipe at Bane that brought the rest of the Grizzlies on the floor to Bane’s defense.

Memphis big man Jaren Jackson, Jr. came after Clarkson, which prompted the Jazz guard to put his fists up, ready for a tussle.

Referees determined that the foul on Bane was a Flagrant 2, and Clarkson was ejected from the contest with seconds left in the third.

It’s no secret that the Orthodox fighter has a knack for instigating these scuffles.

The away crowd at FedEx Forum cheered Clarkson’s early exit from the game, as captured on video by OutKick’s Dom Bonvissuto.

via OutKick’s Dom Bonvissuto

Utah struggled to close the game, and the Grizzlies won, 123-118.

When it’s time for the crunch, JC is always down to get dirty.

(Photo by Justin Ford/Getty Images)

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  1. If you’re curious what happens every day in our inner cities, look no further than the NBA, a perfect microcosm of it. The cycle of hatred, poverty, aversion to success and outright anti-white racism will never cease. The future of “BLAQ AMERICA” is grimdark indeed.

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