UT-Chattanooga Football Coach Fired For Stacey Abrams Tweet

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UT-Chattanooga has fired offensive line coach Chris Malone because of a Tuesday night tweet taking a shot at the left’s hero Stacey Abrams. Malone deleted the tweet and then deleted his account, but it was too late. UT-Chattanooga decided to go in a different direction with its offensive line staff.

“Congratulations to the state GA and Fat Albert @staceyabrams because you have truly shown America the true works of cheating in an election, again!!!” Malone tweeted. “Enjoy the buffet Big Girl! You earned it!!! Hope the money was good, still not governor!”

One thing led to another, and UTC head coach Rusty Wright had to release a statement.

“Our football program has a clear set of standards. Those standards include respecting others. It is a message our players hear daily. It is a standard I will not waver on,” Wright said in the statement.

“What was posted on social media by a member of my staff is unacceptable and not any part of what I stand for or what Chattanooga Football stands for. Life is bigger than football and as leaders of young men, we have to set that example, first and foremost. With that said, effective immediately, that individual is no longer party of my staff.”

I’ve said it a thousand times: unless you’re willing to lose your job, turn off the phone when emotions start boiling up, especially if you’re connected to an athletic program. If you hate your job and don’t mind losing it, go for it. Fire away.

Was Chris’ comment even that bad? No, but he’s got to have his head on straight and realize the SJWs are waiting and ready to attack. Remember the high school cheerleader who was blindsided by a three-second video from her freshman year? SJWs are always looking for targets to destroy.


Written by Joe Kinsey

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    • Meh, it’s not professional. There’s levels to criticism but in general keep politics off FB/Twitter. Nothing good can come from getting too emotional on social media. Worry about what you can control. Now ole boy is out of a job and probably gonna be hard to get another at any program.

  1. I wouldn’t give guy high marks for judgment. That said, Stacy is obese. Could be a function of DNA, bad nutritional choices and/or lack of sufficient exercise. She’s a darling of the left so you aren’t allowed to critique her on her views, policies or appearance. Otherwise you will suffer the cancel culture consequences. Sad.

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