USWNT Falls To Canada, Won’t Play For Gold

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The U.S. women’s soccer team fell to Canada 1-0 on Monday, effectively ending their pursuit of Olympic gold in Tokyo. The loss came after the U.S. allowed Jessie Fleming of Canada to convert a penalty shot in the 75th minute.

Here’s a clip of Fleming’s game-winning goal:

A lot of people saw this coming with the USWNT. They suffered a blowout loss to Sweden to open things up, followed by a win against New Zealand and a tie with Australia, which prevented an early knock from the Olympics.

Now, they’ll have to face off against the loser of the Australia-Sweden match to play for a disappointing bronze medal. Considering expectations coming in, fighting for a bronze means the USWNT has clearly fallen short.

When asked about that upcoming game for Bronze, here’s what OutKick fan-favorite Megan Rapinoe had to say:

“We don’t lose very often and so we typically bounce back pretty well,” she said, via Yahoo Sports. “We have a medal to compete for. We had goals of winning a gold medal but any medal is really special.

“We can’t lose sight of that, especially given the year everyone’s gone through and what it’s taken just to be here.

“I think we have a ton still to play for. I think taking home a bronze medal would be a great accomplishment for this team and I don’t think we should just pooh-pooh that away.”

As OutKick founder Clay Travis pointed out after the loss to Sweden, many Americans are actually pulling against them because of their decision to kneel for the national anthem. In other words, there are probably plenty of people out there rocking the Red, White and Blue celebrating the loss on Monday. Wild.


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Written by Clint Lamb

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  1. If that little purple headed boy hits puberty and keeps eating those Subway sandwiches, he will be a force to be reckoned with at the next Olympics… might even be able to beat FC-Dallas Boys Under 15 Team next time instead of losing again.

  2. Rapinoe may have done the unthinkable…surpassing LeBron James as the most hated athlete in America. The first time ever I’m pulling against Americans at the Olympics…men’s basketball being the other. But to be honest, I haven’t watched a minute of any of it, and may never again going forward.

  3. I share the general contempt for Rapinoe. However … Her attitude and provocative public comments over the past several years do not represent all members of USNWT … alas, all will be tainted by her jackassity.

    Her jackassity is also a totally different issue than “Simone” … but again likely to all be lumped together …

    • It’s interesting, they couldn’t get out from under Rapinoe’s shit talk, no matter what they did… seems like it’s a cross they will have to bear for a while, deservedly so as no one would speak up, and the people that did were thrown off the team.

      • They need purple hair to retire. Unfortunately I think purple hair will hang on as long as possible so she can still get attention. The cloud will hang above the whole team until she finally leaves and fades away. Then maybe most normal people that just want to watch a game and root for their country will be able to. As long as the new players don’t continue the anti American bullshit.

  4. I do not care if these America Haters win/lose/draw/or get a participation award. In my opinion the depth of character, and the will to win will show up in the bronze medal match. The America Haters will fold like a cheap tent and lose 3-0. I could be wrong, but then again, I would have to giveashit for it to matter to me. America Matters, these Haters do not.

  5. I know it is obvious, just for clarification. Given a choice of watching grass grow, giving the cat a bath, or watching women’s soccer. Women’s always comes in third. Just sayyin’. America Matters.

  6. The transition of USWNT from America’s Darlings to Rapinoe’s America-hatin’ Lesbian Jackasses makes an interesting study. NOTE: They are NOT all Sisters of Sappho by the way. Several including star Alex Morgan are wives and mothers.

    It only took Rapinoe’s “LOOK AT ME You F’in Trump-lovin’ As*****s” three years ago to flip the whole image … at least to 50% of the country.

    One of the original issues – equal pay with the USMNT – actually had merit … but that issue got totally lost in all the purple hair and F-bombs and kneeling … sigh.

  7. Rapinoe’s gutless teammates went along with everything she said and did so without a peep. They all deserve America’s contempt but particularly, as someone earlier stated, the little purple haired boy. Glad they lost. Haven’t watched a minute of the games.

  8. We really need to look into the selection process for our team. It looks like we focus more on brand (individual player) recognition than quality. Women’s soccer has tremendous participation nationally and we have a ton of high quality young players to pick from. You would find many would see playing for the USA as a once in a lifetime chance. The majority of the famous female players became famous for representing the USA and winning. It seems like we have a track record of keeping players WAY past their prime. Rapinoe is 36, Carli Lloyd is 39, Alex Morgan is 32, Tobin Health 32, and bunch of other older players. They all have great brand recognition but look slower than other teams. Athletic performance typically peaks before the age of 30. Why is our team an outlier? I bet sponsors played a major role in it some how. Check out the roster for the US men that won the Gold Cup. I can’t find one personnel over the age of of 29:;/g/11nmfzf09f;2;/m/01l604;ln;fp;1;;

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