England’s World Cup Squad Worth Over $1 Billion More Than The USMNT

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USMNT enters its highly-anticipated World Cup match against England as a significant underdog. Every American being honest with themselves, and even the squad itself, understands England is the heavy favorite.

Looking at the value of both the USMNT and the England national team really puts into perspective just how drastically different each of these teams is.

The Sports Daily found that England’s squad is worth over $1 billion more than the U.S. squad. The figures below reflect the professional contracts players receive from their club teams.

USMNT – England Squad Value By Position Groups


USMNT: $9 million

England: $92.1 million


USMNT: $70.3 million

England: $338.2 million


USMNT: $162.4 million

England: $851.3 million


USMNT: $94.4 million

England: $282.9 million

The USMNT takes in the national anthem ahead of it’s World Cup match against Wales. The USMNT – England squad value figures put things into perspective. (Photo by Richard Gordon/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images)

In total, the England squad is worth $1.19 billion more than the USMNT.

While the difference in squad value is an astronomical figure, it shouldn’t come as a surprise. The majority of England’s players compete in the Premier League. While the USMNT squad has Premier League and other top European leagues represented, it also has a sprinkle of MLS players on the roster as well.

Christian Pulisic is the highest-paid American soccer player earning $46 million from Chelsea. Phil Foden of Manchester City is England’s highest-paid player at $133 million.

These dollar figures put into perspective just how big an upset it would be if the USMNT were able to knock off England on Friday afternoon.

The USMNT would be more than happy to draw against England as it would keep them safely afloat in the group stage following the U.S.’s draw against Wales on Monday.

Written by Mark Harris

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