Embarrassing – Usher Throws Fake Money at Strippers

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You hate to knock a guy after making it rain with strippers, but when they don’t do it right, you have no choice.

As first reported by Hot97, over the weekend, Usher showered some strippers with cash that turned out to be fake. The bills actually had, wait for it, his face on it.

Now, this is embarrassing:


A dancer said Usher sunk to a new “a level of fuckery,” adding that this is why she stays away from celebrities. She says they are all cheap.

Can’t blame her there.

“So disrespectful. This is foul! Working so hard to get nothing in return, this is a joke! Their job is to entertain, take your cheap ass back home,” Hot97 says another dancer said. 

Word is, this falls under “broke bitch behavior” on Twitter.

It seems Usher wants to be Mayweather but doesn’t have enough spendable cash to pull it off. I mean, he’s seems rather proud of his fake dollar bills:

A despicable cheapskate.

Written by Bobby Burack

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