USFL Coach Kirby Wilson Sets Record Straight

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Pittsburgh Maulers head coach Kirby Wilson discusses the behind-the-scenes situation that lead to the dismissal of RB De’Veon Smith with OutKick 360 on Tuesday.

The rumors of Smith being cut because of he wanted pizza, instead of chicken salad, lead to a frenzy in the sports world, and Wilson joined OutKick 360 to discuss the situation and much more. Watch here:

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Written by Davey Hudson

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  1. I don’t know who Davey Hudson is, but I don’t like tease headlines. In this case, the headline states the story of a player getting cut in a very public way was going to be explained. But it wasn’t explained, unless I wanted to sit through a 5+ minute video.

    Tell me why in your writing, and then if I want to, I’ll watch the video. But don’t clickbait me.

    A pox on your house, Davey.

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