USFL Best Bets for Week 10

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We had a nice week, for a change, with the USFL. We nailed two of the three games, and honestly, this might be the time to start grabbing the points with every team. I can’t promise that’s what will happen, but in the last few weeks, teams do seem to be closer than before. Let’s see what our best bets are.

Bandits vs. Stallions

Well, the Stallions are no longer undefeated. I thought their goal would be to just be an undefeated team and now they have basically one of two options. I think they either destroy the Bandits or they lose to them. The Bandits are not a bad team, but the Stallions have not looked nearly as dominant in the last three or four weeks. It is a small number, just 3.5, but I do think the Stallions rebound here. They’ve been the best team all year and they may be pissed to a point that they cover the game.

Stars vs. Generals

Here’s the big number I’m looking at: 159. That’s the number of points the Generals have given up on the season. That’s good for third on the year for all teams. They also have 206 points scored, also good for third on the season. The Stars, on the other hand, have actually scored the most points in the entire league, but have also allowed the most amount of points. Can the Generals stop the Stars? Sure, they beat the Stars by 8 the first time, now we only need them to win by 3. I’ll take the Generals to cover.

Panthers vs. Maulers

I’ve said it before, and I probably won’t need to say it again. The Panthers, and the Maulers, suck. The Maulers have scored the least amount of points in the entire league, and it is still nearly 20 points less than the next closest team. They both have given up a ton of points, but neither of them are good offensively. Can an offensively challenged team beat a crappy defensive team? I just don’t have faith in either of them. I’ll take under 42.5.

Written by David Troy

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