26-Year-Old USF Punter Commits The Most Embarrassing Fail Of The Year, Kicks Fumble Off Ground Right At The Defense

USF football almost beat the University of Florida last weekend but did not see the same success on Saturday. The Bulls got absolutely gobsmacked by Louisville and lost by 38.

In the process, punter Andrew Stokes was responsible for the worst play of the year so far. Not just for his team, but all teams across all conferences on all levels of college football. It was so, so bad.

Late in the second half, USF faced 4th-and-10 at its own 35-yard-line. Head coach Jeff Scott, rightfully, chose to punt. What happened next was an epic fail.

Stokes, a 6-foot-5, 232-pounder, is 26 years old as a sophomore in college. He is part of the Australian punter wave and spent seven years playing professional Aussie rules football before enrolling at school in Tampa.

USF punter Andrew Stokes looks as old as he is.

It was not his finest moment as he trotted out to kick it away from his own 21-yard-line. Stokes could not handle snap, which was a little bit low but not problematically low, and left it floundering on the turf.

To try and salvage the situation, he took two steps toward the ball and kicked it off of the ground. Like a dropkick, except for not on purpose.

And it didn’t work. At all.

Stokes’ panic punt was a line drive that traveled less than five yards before hitting a Cardinals defender, who swatted it straight down. Louisville recovered the loose ball.

It was a massive, massive failure from start to finish. The snap was off, the hold was nonexistent, the kick was a bust and the result was worst case scenario.

Here’s how the worst play of 2022 went down as USF failed to punt the ball away:

Stokes, who is the incumbent punter from a year ago, would like to forget that one. But, unfortunately, we won’t let him. It was an all-time bad punt that should forever live in infamy!

Written by Grayson Weir

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