Mayhem Unfolds During USC/UCLA Track Meet As Savage Taunting, Post-Race Scuffle Ends With Both Teams Disqualified

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There is no love lost between USC and UCLA. The crosstown rivals, separated by less than 15 miles, always bring the fireworks when they are stacked up against each other in athletic competition.

Sunday’s track meet was no exception. It ended with mayhem and two disqualifications.

The Trojans traveled to Westwood for the annual dual meet, hosted by the Bruins, and split, with the women’s team winning for the former, and the men’s team winning for the latter. Despite the final result, it was USC that got the moral victory with an intense win in the 4x400m relay.

Johnny Brackins Jr., Ashton Allen, William Jones and Johnnie Blockburger led the charge for the visitors and went on to win the event. However, it didn’t count toward the final score.

Both relay teams were disqualified for unsportsmanlike conduct after total chaos broke out on the final lap. Here’s how it all went down:

  1. USC started on the inside lane and had a slight advantage after the first lap.
  2. USC began to pull away after the first handoff, but UCLA ran him down.
  3. As UCLA rounded the back stretch and ran down USC, its runner threw “Vs” down at a group of Trojans standing on the infield.
    • USC’s hand signal is a “V” for victory.
  4. UCLA passed USC down the straightaway with an exchange of words.
  5. USC took the lead back on the far turn, got way out in front on the final handoff, and went on to win.
  6. As USC came across the line first, its runner celebrated very early. Blockburger slowed and waved to the crowd.

And then things got chippy.

Both sides converged on the track and had to be separated after some pushing, shoving and chirping.

As a result of the post-relay antics, both sides were hit with a DQ. The Trojans’ win didn’t count, but it was a moral victory against their rivals.

Believe it or not, this occurrence is fairly tame for the meeting of Los Angeles’ biggest rivals! A UCLA team member once body-slammed a USC assistant coach during a relay, which resulted in a lawsuit. The two sides have also come to blows in the past. It’s always the relays!

Written by Grayson Weir

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