USC Fans, Donors Going Against School’s Wishes To Start Their Own NIL Collective

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The University of Southern California wants to keep its student-athletes away from donor-related collectives to hopefully avoid issues that come with NIL. USC fans and donors don’t care about the university’s wishes, however, they just want to see the Trojans win.

According to The Los Angeles Times, USC fans and wealthy donors are planning to start a name, image, and likeness collective called “Student Body Right.”

Many other schools already have collectives that pay players based on their NIL. USC started a partnership with media company Stay Doubted in June called BLVD LLC, which is used to facilitate NIL deals with student-athletes.


This new USC collective is looking to pay academically eligible student-athletes with the “equivalent of a base salary” that hasn’t been revealed yet.

USC wide receiver Mario Williams (4) and USC quarterback Caleb Williams (13) (Gary Coronado / Los Angeles Times via Getty Images)

These athletes won’t just be handed money, however, they’ll have to work for it. To receive payments, athletes will need to participate in community service and charity work in the community.

While this idea seems like a no-brainer, it’s an organization USC wouldn’t have control over. USC wants everything to run through BLVD, not a collective managed by fans and wealthy donors.

Fans, like Dale Rech, want the complete opposite and for donors to “contribute to the football program without any connection to USC.”

“This is a standalone collective, with no affiliation or ties to the university,” Rech told the LA Times. “The NCAA cannot go back at the university as long as we’re in compliance and stay within what the guidelines of the NCAA and state require. There’s no blowback from us on the university. They just want control.”

Love NIL or hate NIL, what a time to be alive in this day in age of college athletics.

Written by Mark Harris

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