USC Lineman Cooper Lovelace Is Freakishly Flexible, Casually Does The Splits During Photo Shoot

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Cooper Lovelace may just be the most flexible college football player in the country, which is saying something seeing as how he’s an offensive lineman.

Before signing with USC, Lovelace was ranked as the top junior college interior lineman in the transfer portal this offseason. He may want to check with the athletic department if he can try out for the gymnastics team, because based on his flexibility, he may be pretty good on the mat as well.

Lovelace is 6-foot-5, 320 pounds but certainly doesn’t move like your typical 320-pound o-lineman.

During a recent photo shoot with the team, the new Trojan decided to bust out the splits as a pose. He made the move look way too easy.

While Lovelace doing the splits was a shock to many, anyone that’s kept up with him over the last few weeks knows just how flexible he is.

Earlier this year he posted a video showing the world just how flexible he really is. Lovelace can easily put his foot above his head, touch the floor while keeping his legs perfectly straight, and even roll around on the ground while in the splits position.

The man may very well be missing bones, he’s that flexible.

It’s crazy to think about how the offensive lineman position has changed over the years.

Back in the day teams simply wanted big uglies up front, they could have cared less about the guy being flexible or quick. Nowadays, the more nimble the netter.

Written by Mark Harris

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