USC Hype Train Picks Up Steam After Trojans’ First Spring Practice

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Anyone still looking to take a ride on the USC bandwagon will likely have to settle for a middle seat. And that’s assuming Colin Cowherd doesn’t first buy up the entire row.

Cowherd, host of the popular Fox Sports radio show The Herd with Colin Cowherd, spent his Tuesday hyping up the Trojans with all the bravado and certainty of the Miami Heat’s Big Three introductory press conference in 2010, undoubtably pushing some skeptics firmly onto the busiest bandwagon in the Pac-12.

Following USC’s first spring practice under new head coach Lincoln Riley, Cowherd wasted little time hyping the Trojans and even offering his services.

“Lincoln Riley’s first practice today @USC_FB. Goose bumps,” tweeted Cowherd. “He knows I’m on speed dial if he needs me.”

That might be the first time goose bumps and USC football have been used in a sentence outside of a discussion about O.J. Simpson.

But Cowherd wasn’t the only one to get tickled by the Trojans. Even before Riley and superstar QB transfer Caleb Williams took the field for Tuesday’s first practice, ESPN bought into the hype enough to commit to broadcasting USC’s spring game live on April 23rd.

By the time we hit the end of April, the worldwide leader may opt to turn that broadcast into a 30 for 30 centered on the most celebrated calisthenics and scripted plays in the history of college football.

“Sources tell me Lincoln Riley’s first USC practice was flawless,” Cowherd added in another tweet. “One observer noted ‘Some are calling it the greatest practice ever on a college campus.’”

Now before you click out of that excel spreadsheet your boss wants finished by day’s end and land on the college football message boards to cuss out Cowherd and Riley, remember one thing:

There’s a reason Cowherd’s one of the most successful and popular sports broadcasters in the country. He realizes that USC’s been a forgotten son amongst college football big boys over the last decade. Simply put — college ball is better when the Trojans are competing at a high level and in the conversation for a national championship. Cowherd knows it, and we do too. Besides, it’s not exactly bad for ratings.

All aboard!


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Written by Anthony Farris


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  1. It’s mostly aimed at OK fans, with whom he has an ongoing rivalry with that started with his pre-draft Mayfield criticism. The Lincoln Riley move from OK to USC adds some spice. I believe the “perfect practice” tweet was done before practice finished. It’s actually pretty funny, good troll

  2. Cowherd was still sucking Lane Kiffin’s dick while predicting USC titles while both were circling the drain, primarily because it gave him access to Kiffin and USC. He is anything but a credible source. His shtick is to argue for Postion A on Monday then argue against it on Friday, so by the following Monday he can claim he was right, no matter what. Cowherd does the same thing with USC, waiting until the writing is on the wall for all to see before saying anything negative.

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