USA Today Editor Fired For Blaming White Guys For Colorado Shooting

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For years, I’ve written about a threat known as cancel culture, a pathetic tool I describe as a self-serving quest to ruin opposing careers and lives. In a shocking development, the unidentified author of the pathetic Book of Cancel Culture was forced to pen a new chapter this week: “Left on Left Cancelation.”

USA Today’s race and inclusion editor Hemal Jhaveri published a Medium post Friday revealing that she was fired this week for recklessly tweeting that mass shooters are “always angry white men” amid Monday’s massacre in Boulder, Colorado, that left 10 people dead. Like many verified Twitter accounts, Jhaveri blamed the shooting, with no evidence, on white men; it turned out the suspect is of Syrian descent.

Jhaveri didn’t back down in her post, claiming she was punished for “challenging whiteness.”

“I can’t do the work I do and write the columns I write without invoking the ire and anger of alt-right Twitter. There is always the threat that tweets which challenge white supremacy will be weaponized by bad faith actors. I had always hoped that when that moment inevitably came, USA TODAY would stand by me and my track record of speaking the truth about systemic racism,” Jhaveri wrote. “That, obviously, did not happen.”

Mhhh, not exactly. Jhaveri wasn’t fired for challenging whiteness and white supremacy, she was punished for a racist tweet, inaccurately claiming white men are the sole reason for mass shootings. Her excuse is foolish, incorrect, and a devious attempt to blame white people for her anti-white people tweet.

That said, I’m not supporting USA Today firing Jhaveri, I rarely if ever call for someone’s job. That goes for the Left and the Right. I would have preferred Jhaveri had to defend her position and subsequently get crushed by the facts (which would have been the result).

She went on to blame more:

“White USA TODAY reporters have been able to minimize racialized people in print, our white Editor-In-Chief was thoughtless about black face, and a senior politics editor (also white) showed disregard for journalistic ethics by hosting a tax payer funded reception for Trump appointees. All kept their jobs,” she wrote. “Sending one wrong tweet that ended up in the hands of Sean Hannity on Fox News though, was enough for this publication to turn tail. So many newsrooms claim to value diverse voices, yet when it comes to backing them up, or looking deeper into how white supremacy permeates their own newsrooms, they quickly retreat.”

I wish Hemal Jhaveri well and hope she lands on her feet with a new employer, one that is ready to blame more angry, right-wing white people for everything. By the way, there is a strong media market for such.

Written by Bobby Burack

Bobby Burack covers media, politics, and sports at OutKick.


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  1. Mass shootings are yet another consequence of Democrat majorities.
    In Boulder County (where the city of Boulder is located), since 2004, the Democrat nominee for U.S. President has received a minimum of 66% of the vote; Biden got 77% last year. In the county, there are 96,319 active registered Democrats, and 36,302 active registered Republicans.
    The mayor, and all eight council members of the city of Boulder, are
    “nonpartisan,” but the Rorschach Test of the Homo sapiens species—social
    media—revealed that all are Democrats. On their social media, here’s what I
    Comparing the hunting and killing of prairie dogs to the Holocaust;
    Obama alum;
    A pronouns obsessive;
    Gay pride;
    And, last but not least: wear a mask, mentioned two trillion times.
    The suspect’s name was one of the last bits of information I acquired; I thought: uh-oh, we better soon figure out how to make a guy named Ahmad Al Aliwi Alissa a lily-white militia member, with a secret manifesto about the Lost Cause of the Confederacy that’s read at the local Aryan Nations cross-burning book club.

    All Democrat majorities are malignant—no exceptions.

  2. It’s long past time blaming an event or action, hating on someone or giving praise due to race and skin suit alone is the essence of racism. You don’t get out of racism if the skin suit you hate this year is thr popular or accepted one.

    And besides…they more they focus everything on race…the more racist they become.

  3. I’m in favor of nobody being fired for saying what they think. However, as long as only conservative viewpoints that cause controversy are a fireable offense, then leftist, race hating ones should also be. At this point, any USA Today staffers who publicly bash the paper for the action should also be given their walking papers. Perhaps such bravery would keep the USA Today from going under, which is where they were headed before this incident.

  4. Given the way so much of media covers these types of shootings and ignores murder rates in many cities, I can understand the initial tweet from someone who speaks before thinking but her reaction and words after the firing are much more telling about her beliefs. USAToday did the right thing.

  5. Re: the post above about Boulder CO: has anyone ever noticed the demographics in places like Boulder CO? Per the latest census, it’s 90% white. Isn’t it funny how the deepest blue areas are often 90+% white?

    • I moved to and lived in central Boulder for 6 years out of college. Started dating a girl from the area. I would play bball at a certain park outdoor court because across the street was a halfway house and the competition was tough both in skills and attitude which reminded me of my urban school bball days. One day she asked if she could come watch me play. It was a little out of the blue and I asked her why. She said, “I’ve never been around black people, I’m curious what they are like”. This was 1992. I was outvoted 7 to 1 on elections while I lived there.

  6. Good!

    I’m not for cancelling the innocent…. what I am for however is Canceling the Cancellers! If an advertiser for example pulls ads from something because of the woke mob fuck them too! Boycott the Boycotters.

    Until the woke idiot cancellers start getting picked off this will continue. I consider this a step in the right direction. Just like deadspin being no more is good!

  7. Well of course she should be fired, Bob. What the fuck?! She is an editor at a newspaper and has an obligation to publish true, objective statements. She does not get to use her position as a personal opinion platform, especially when she does so with reckless and ignorant intent. A large part of the problem is that there is no corrective action taken against these cultural arsonists, partly because of “high road” guys like you. Here is the bottom line: act responsibly and you won get fired. That is not a cancel culture derivative – it is how the world used to (correctly) operate.

  8. Good.
    Start supporting cancel culture if you want it to end.
    As long as only the right is cancelled the left will keep doing it.
    But, if leftist start to get cancelled then you will see CNN and the rest of the media start calling cancel culture; racist, sexist and, homophobic.

    Cancel enough libs and “cancel culture” will become a vestige of white supremacy.

  9. I try to picture a life where I pull out my phone and spew such an ignorant statement and then feel justified to lecture everyone where I’m right and your wrong probably while enjoying brunch with bottomless mimosas. I don’t understand what the end goal or objective was, all these journalist need to go live in Syria or Pakistan for a year and then come back and report on how bad America is.

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