Clay Travis Wants To Know Why the US Men’s Soccer Team Agreed To a Pay Cut

Clay Travis discussed the recent agreement equalizing pay between both the U.S. Men’s and Women’s Soccer Team, emphasizing that the reason for this is due to the Men’s Team agreeing to be paid less.

“FIFA prize money overwhelmingly rewards male soccer teams compared to women’s [teams],” Travis said.

The OutKick founder believes that around the world, the men’s teams’ television rights are ultimately more valuable than the women’s because the male teams are watched more.

Additionally, Travis noted that here in the United States, “it is a sign of American exceptionalism that we care so much about women’s soccer.”

Watch Clay Travis’ full take here:

Written by OutKick Flash

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  1. OK.. look, lets get one thing straight, AMERICANS love a winner — and the US Women’s Soccer team is a “winner.” We all hate them for their woke, lesbian, wakko, leftist bullshit, but the US girls are far better at shooting a ball into a soccer net than any other nation in the world. OK!

    Our men’s team doesn’t suck, it’s just that our best athletes — people like Derrick Henry, C.J. Mosley, Ja Morant and Labron James — chose to play something other than soccer. That doesn’t happen in Spain, Germany, Brazil or Argentina. The US is fielding “mediocre” athletes, so we have a mediocre team. I don’t mean to throw shade on our US Men’s team, but if the aforementioned NFL/NBA players had grown up with a high level of training in Soccer rather than their current sport, is there any reason to think we wouldn’t be kicking ass in soccer, too?

    What if Micheal Jordan, O.J Simpson, Pete Rose or Jim Brown had played soccer? Think of whatever super-athlete you want to and his “contemporaries” growing up in the same soccer atmosphere as Renoldo or Messi. Is there any doubt that the US would be dominant in that sport, too? Hell, The US has had world champions in Sumo Wrestling (Akebono, born Chad Rowen in Waimanao, Hawaii)! We kick as ANYWHERE we want. We just don’t give a crap about a sport like soccer. To Americans, it lacks a “physicality” that’s just un-American for us except for our “Women’s sports.” And our Women’s team is “American” in the ONE THING Americans love the most: They Just Win, baby!

    So, I say, “To the victor go the spoils.” When the men bring home a World Cup (something our girls routinely do), then wake me the F*** up and we’ll argue about “pay.” Hell, I raised 2 soccer girls – sent them to Vancouver in 2015 and Lyon in 2019 to watch our gals kick ass and bring home the hardware. Until our men get there, the answer is simple: pay the winners and everyone else can.. um.. have a nice day!

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