YouTube Doesn’t Want Americans Celebrating Thanksgiving, Promotes ‘Unthanksgiving’ Instead

The miserable Left and their extensions in the media and Big Tech continue to re-write the meaning of American holidays.

On Thanksgiving, the tyrants at YouTube/Google opted to scold all thankful American citizens and demanded that we be “unthankful” and celebrate “Unthanksgiving” instead.

What is Unthanksgiving? YouTube explains:

Acknowledging our past mistakes is a must, and no reasonable person says it isn’t. It’s the only way we grow as individuals and as a country. However, shaming grateful Americans for celebrating with their families a few days out of the year is quite another. It’s sick.

On the Fourth of July, the woke claimed that the Fourth of July is a “celebration of white supremacy.”

A former backup QB weighed in:

Don’t love your country and don’t be thankful, they demand of us. Instead, focus solely on America’s flaws and the historical events for which we should be “unthankful.”

Far-left woke public figures believe that they can divide and weaken the country. That drives them. The more afraid we are, the less we will celebrate and fight back. It’s a power struggle the Left is winning in Hollywood, media, education, and on social media in Silicon Valley.

This entire leftist, woke movement can be summed up in a single word: power.

As Fox News’ Pete Hegseth told OutKick:

“We got to the place where our government schools are effectively teaching kids America is not a good place.”

“Left-wing social media guards enforce almost North Korean-style groupthink. It’s why the president has been so important, not just for our country, but for me personally. He changed my view of understanding. What it takes to fight against that overwhelming orthodoxy is untenable for 99.999% of the population. It takes someone with a force of nature and resolve and willingness to fight.”

Acknowledge mistakes, grow, be better — and most importantly, be thankful. Do not let the bad outweigh the good.

“If you want to compare America to heaven, we’re going to fail every single time,” Hegseth reminded us.

Written by Bobby Burack

Bobby Burack covers media, politics, and sports at OutKick.


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