Bizarre Scene Unfolds As Referee Sprints Into Stands To Reprimand UNLV’s Band For Playing At Inappropriate Times

Saturday’s game between UNLV and Air Force was an absolute blowout. The Falcons went into Las Vegas, beat the brakes off of the Runnin’ Rebels, and won by 35.

Not even UNLV’s band could give its team an advantage, no matter how hard it tried. And it tried really hard.

In fact, it tried so hard to fluster Air Force that the officiating crew had to tell them to relax— and did so in person. It was a bizarre scene that, I for one, have never seen before.

Mountain West official Steve Baron ran into the stands and told UNLV’s marching band to knock it off.

During a stoppage of play late in the third quarter, referee Steve Baron went on a mission. He wanted the ‘Star of Nevada’ band to stop playing when the Falcons had the ball. To do so, Baron went HAULING up the Allegiant Stadium stairs and into the crowd.

And it wasn’t like the official just ran up the first few steps. He went all the way up into the stands to where the band was located. After getting up there, Baron had a few words for the band director.

According to Mountain West rule, the band cannot play once the opposing team breaks the huddle, unless they run a no-huddle offense. If they run a no-huddle offense, the band cannot play at all.

Apparently, UNLV was not adhering to those rules.

However, for Baron to take matters into his own hands the way that he did is unusual. Marching bands play when they shouldn’t all of the time. It happens more often than you might think.

When it does, typically, the referee or PA announcer will get on the microphone and ask the band to stop over the stadium sound system. Rarely, if ever, does the referee run up into the stands to confront the band himself. Baron very well may have been the first!

Written by Grayson Weir

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