Unhinged WAPO Video Game Reporter Demands Abortion Statements From Video Game Companies

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Just when you thought the unhinged woke Washington Post would take a break after the Taylor Lorenz fiasco, along comes the superhero video game reporter Nathan Grayson to save the day by asking video game companies if they were going to speak up on the abortion drama playing out at the Supreme Court.

Not joking.

Nate Dawg summoned fellow video game reporter Shannon Liao (pronouns in the bio) to help him contact more than 20 video game companies “about whether they intend to speak up in favor of reproductive rights or provide monetary aid to employees.”

As expected, Nate Dawg had his favorites — companies that are aligned with the D-O-Double-G — and then he wasn’t as happy with those who — Activision Blizzard — where employees are mad, “distracted and scared for the future.”

Nate and Shannon’s investigative work caught the attention of the Internet and it sent Nate into explanation mode for his reporting so we’ll let him have the floor.

“[P]eople are suddenly losing their minds over this piece (lol), so let me spell out the rationale behind it: 1. game companies were extremely vocal following george floyd’s murder, covid-born anti-asian hate, etc. silence here is telling; it suggests broader disingenuousness,” Nate explains.

Uh huh. Nate doesn’t like silence out of these companies.


Nate D-O-Double-G is coming for video game companies / Twitter

“2. this is an instance in which companies can provide monetary support to employees impacted. major tech companies have already committed to doing so. that makes their responses here directly and tangibly relevant to workers’ lives,” Nate continues.

“3. this is all explicitly spelled out in the article, which none of these people read before clutching their pearls and doing their best impression of the woman yelling at cat meme lmao”

And there you have it. The lib lib media is so bonkers that it has turned its abortion crusade on the video game companies who are just trying to keep people addicted to blowing money on video games.

You have 10 minutes to answer this email or else!

Nooooooooooo, don’t do it, Nate G.! We’re begging you. Don’t drop the hammer.

Too late you pigs! Support abortion rights or you’re finished!

Aren’t you supposed to write about our video games, Nate G.?

Shut up, you disgusting pigs! My editors just published my mega-abortion video game story that hopefully wins a Pulitzer. Get ready for financial destruction!

Written by Joe Kinsey

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  1. Video games and abortion. Given that probably 80% of their customers are male, the probably don’t give an “F”. Also. The WAPO is the “news” organization that published an oped that George Washington U needs to change its name. Ugh.

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