‘Unfair Advantage’: Lia Thomas NCAA Championship Competitor’s Parents Speak Out

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How many more times do we have to go over this? Lia Thomas has an unfair advantage over the competitors who jump into the pool to race the biological male who won a national championship Thursday night in the 500 freestyle.

Michael Phelps knows it. Coaches around the country surely know it. The NCAA knows it. Teammates know it. Lia Thomas knows it. The biological women in the pool definitely know it. The media knows it. The men that used to race against Thomas as a male know it.

And the parents at the NCAA Championships are now getting an up-close and personal look at just how big of an advantage Thomas has over their daughters.

Thursday, parents of an Auburn swimmer who was set to compete against Thomas in the 100 and 200 freestyle spoke out to Fox News Digital about fairness and what Thomas’ inclusion means to the sport.

Transgender swimmer Lia Thomas (L) of the University of Pennsylvania stands on the podium after winning the 500-yard freestyle as other medalists (L-R) Emma Weyant, Erica Sullivan and Brooke Forde pose for a photo at the NCAA Division I Women’s Swimming & Diving Championship in Atlanta, Georgia. (Photo by Justin Casterline/Getty Images)

“They asked how he felt about winning, when really, how did the rest of the women feel about having the stress of dealing with this, knowing they have to swim against him?” the father said.

“I think everybody’s gotta be civil about it,” Dad added. “I call him Will Thomas. He’s a human, we should respect that and what he wants to do with his life, but this isn’t the place to do it.”

According to the Auburn parents, their feelings on the Lia Thomas subject are fairly universal throughout the swimming community.

Auburn parents speak out on Lia Thomas unfair advantage NCAA Championship
Auburn swim parents speak out about Lia Thomas’ unfair advantage at the NCAA Championships / Fox News Digital

“I have not met one parent that feels differently than we feel,” the Auburn swimmer’s mom said. “I have not met one person that supports it.”

Don’t take the mother’s word for it. Take the New York Times’ word for it.

“The crowd offered a raucous reception for [second place finisher Emma Weyant] at the awards ceremony that followed. Thomas, a new champion, received only polite applause,” the Times reported from Atlanta.

The Times and fellow woke blue checkmark media outlets have said for months that the Lia Thomas debate was a bogus right-wing fueled political football that pundits were throwing around to prove political points.

Penn swimmer Lia Thomas accepts the winning trophy for the 500 Freestyle finals as second-place finisher Emma Weyant and third-place finisher Erica Sullivan watch during the NCAA Swimming and Diving Championships at the McAuley Aquatic Center in Atlanta Georgia. (Photo by Rich von Biberstein/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images)

Then Lia Thomas won a national title over biological women who trained their whole lives for that one moment and it was ripped from them. What about all those women these lib lib outlets were supposed to be supporting? What now?

This isn’t about political groups scoring likes and retweets or firing up their base. This is about what’s right and what’s wrong.

“Emma Weyant did as much as she could to hang in there, and did a spectacular job in getting second,” ESPN swimming analyst Rowdy Gaines said during Thursday night’s broadcast.

What a race it was — for second place. And it was so wrong.

Written by Joe Kinsey

Joe Kinsey is the Senior Director of Content of OutKick and the editor of the Morning Screencaps column that examines a variety of stories taking place in real America.

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  1. The USA has gone crazy! If you want change your body to fit how you feel, have at it! We have to apply common sense to this and many other things that are going on in the USA.
    Why not start a Trans championship and they can all get together and compete against each.

  2. If I was a parent of one of these real girls I’d be furious.

    The blue checkmarks have backed themselves into a corner again.

    You cannot support a dude competing against women and support women’s athletics and women’s rights at the same time. You have to choose.

    You can still show sympathy for this dude and his mental illness without taking opportunities away from the women.

    Get him some serious help and get him out of competition with the women.

    • Exactly. But these girls are afraid of being called transphobic. They’re all worried about how they’ll be perceived on social media. Someone needs to step forward and be the voice of reason. Others will follow.

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