This Is Insane, 186 MPH Flying Electric Suit

For whatever reason, BMW decided to make electric wingsuits that go 186 MPH, and they are totally awesome. You're clinically insane to ever agree to strap yourself to one of these, but so are the designers.

It's a match made in heaven, really.

The most Grand Theft Auto looking suit we've ever seen and not one of these demontraters look like they have an ounce of control. No demo ever looked like it was headed to the side of a mountain more than this one.

An impressive 50V Lithium-ion battery that was designed after "years of planning and testing."

Brilliant word choice to make these things sound more safe than they actually are.

What's even cooler is that these machines have the same technology as BMW's iX3 all-electric model vehicle. For this demonstration, Australian base jumper Peter Salmann makes it to the ground after circling a mountain like a scene from The King's Man. The look on his face when he feet touched ground can only be described as a post-Chipotle scowl.

Just in case you wanted to grab yourself one, know these things run about $1,600 elsewhere. Can imagine BMW will ask for an arm and a leg for their special suit.

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