Uh Oh, Baker Mayfield’s Wife Is Starting To Talk Football Again

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To their credit, Baker and Emily Mayfield have been very quiet this offseason as the Cleveland Browns went out and acquired Deshaun Watson to be their new franchise quarterback while Bake sits there in limbo as the Browns try to find a trade partner.

If there’s one thing we know for sure, it’s that when either Baker or Emily Mayfield fire up social media to talk football, there’s about to be some action, so Friday’s Instagram Story Q&A out of Emily should tell you something is cooking.

“Who would you like to see Baker play for,” Emily was ‘asked’ by a fan.

[Zipper-mouth emoji]

Em wasn’t done. There are more (staged?) questions to throw out there as red meat for the beat reporters.

“How do u and Bake handle all the stress and unknowns of NFL life,” another person asked.

Then came, “How’s Baker?”

Emily Mayfield / Instagram Story

Look, I wasn’t born yesterday. If you think these questions just rolled in on a Friday morning and this wasn’t staged, I have an NFL Europe team for you to buy.

“About 48393829303 of you asked this,” Em responded. “He’s great! Been training a ton and playing plenty of golf in his free time.”

Then we got the money shot.

“What are the downfalls of being married to a professional athlete,” someone allegedly asked.

Emily didn’t miss a beat.

“Watching the person you love get scrutinized by media when you see the hard work they put in, being in the public eye, seeing all the falsehoods written in the media and having to bite my tongue (!!!) … and sharing him with the world all the time.”

This all popped up out of thin air 10 hours after it was revealed that Deshaun Watson offered $100k per lawsuit to make them go away. Now we have 23 lawsuits, a five-year, $230 million fully guaranteed contract and Watson’s attorney reminding folks that “happy endings” aren’t a crime.

Buckle up. The Mayfields aren’t going to go quietly.

Emily Mayfield / Instagram Story
Emily Mayfield / Instagram Story
Emily Mayfield / Instagram Story
Emily Mayfield / Instagram Story
Emily Mayfield / Instagram Story

Written by Joe Kinsey

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