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RIP Bob Gibson

When I was a kid in SW Ohio and there was any mention of Bob Gibson my father would instantly pause, and then rattle off memories of the guy mowing down batters and reminiscing about how intimidating the guy was on the mound. Ever…single…time. Intimidation. I’m pretty sure if I called up my father today and prodded him, he would ramble on about Gibson being the baddest man he ever saw step on a mound. 1968 was right in my father’s baseball wheelhouse. He was 13 and in the prime of his own baseball life. Then Gibson goes out and puts up a 1.12 ERA, wins the Cy Young and the MVP. No wonder my father, a born and raised Reds fan, admired that guy so much.

Bob died Friday at 84 years old due to complications from cancer. “I owe the public just one thing – a good performance,” Gibson is quoted as saying during his playing career. I’d say he succeeded.

In NFL news….“I would say the home-field advantage is definitely not the same,” Larry Fitzgerald said this week. I’m not a football expert like you find on Twitter, but I was saying that in August. It wasn’t exactly hard to see this coming. Imagine being the Rams/Chargers and you’re playing in yet another new stadium. Neither team has had much of a home-field advantage since moving to L.A. and now they’re in that massive dome and it’s empty.

In Vegas news…a shooting on the MGM floor at 2:38 a.m. over a gun is the latest headline out of a city that desperately needs the convention traffic back to push out the trash. The Strip has turned into a war zone since COVID came rolling in.

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