Air Traffic Control Audio Shows Mass Confusion Over Possible UFO Sighting

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Some insane air traffic control audio appears to show pilots spotting a UFO.

Recently, Congressman Tim Burchett gave an interview about how he believes the government is hiding the truth about UFOs, and with every passing day, interest in the topic only grows.

Now, The Black Vault landed its hands on some air traffic control audio from November 2022 after a FOIA request.

The Black Vault reported the following on the documents and audio obtained about the possible sighting near/over Nevada:

It begins with the edited version created by The Black Vault to clip out long pauses, and non-UAP related banter. Edits are notated by a flash on the screen. It is then followed by the entire ATC recording, which plays in full, unedited and in real time.

In addition to this sighting, the recording also revealed another sighting of the same or similar phenomenon seen by an American Airlines flight the night prior. A FOIA case has already been filed, in hopes information can be released on that. By the date, and description, it appears it is likely American Airlines flight 399.

In the audio, you can hear chatter back and forth and at one point, a pilot or ATC person says something is in the sky “orbiting in a circle” and that “it’s near the restricted area.” At one point, a pilot says the unknown objects were seen minutes later after possibly disappearing. More pilots also appeared to weigh in saying they were seeing the same thing.

You can listen to the full audio below. The six-minute mark is really interesting.

This is just the latest bizarre UFO situation.

The interesting thing about this audio is how incredibly calm everyone is in it. There’s nobody frantically screaming or panicking.

All sides are just relaying information as calm as they possibly can about something being up in the sky they don’t know. These aren’t conspiracy theorists shouting about UFO sightings.

It’s pilots and ATC going back and forth. Yet again, nobody seems to have any idea what was going on.

Was a UFO sighted in Mexico near a volcano? (Credit: Getty Images)
What are UFOs? Pilots believe they might have spotted a UFO in newly released audio. (Credit: Getty Images)

What is up in the sky? What are UFO sightings? Does anybody know? We don’t have the answers to those questions at OutKick. However, we will continue to hunt down the truth because UFOs and UAPs definitely aren’t going away.

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