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10U house ball update – Game 4

The ‘Stros ARE BACK in the win column.

It wasn’t exactly a clean start for the boys last night against the winless Angels — our pitcher drilled two kids in 1/3 of an inning, which meant I had to pull him and bring in Mr. Steady who was supposed to pitch 4, 5 & 6 and then he struggled — but the bats got hot again and we finished the night with an impressive 17-7 win.

And I found a new pitcher we’ll call “Griffey.”

The kid typically plays first base because he’s incredibly reliable with the glove, but he has a live arm.

During training camp, Griffey told me he’d pitched in the past, but before Game 2, he came up to me and said how he’d been throwing at home and it didn’t go so well. He wasn’t sure if it was time to make his debut. His confidence level was struggling.

Last night I made the call to the bullpen and now the ‘Stros have their closer for those tough July tournament games. At the plate, I lost track of his RBI. Griff must’ve brought home at least 5-6 with two big doubles to center field. It was his coming out party for sure.

Daddy Ball Report: My son didn’t dress for the game after getting out of the hospital Tuesday afternoon and laying in a hospital bed for two full days. He’s still chunky with the cough, so we’ll ease him back into the lineup.

Baserunning: My kids keep running through second base without keeping a foot on the bag. I have made it clear they’re going to eventually get caught by a team that knows how to apply a tag.

Getting doubled off on fly balls: There are still 4-5 kids who are still trying to learn what it means when they’re on second and a ball goes into the air and the defense catches the ball. We had another kid get doubled off last night.

“What time is it?” — I have one kid who is in his own little world who is either cold or always asking me what time it is. He asked me twice last night and I had to remind him it was “game time.”

“What position am I at?” — It doesn’t matter how many times I tell the kids there’s a position board they can read to get their position, they ask where they’re playing. Without fail.

“Did you read the board? It’s on the board.”

“Oh yeah.”

‘Stros Double Bubble® supply update: I’d say we have another two games left before I need to restock the supply container I carry with me to each game. At first, they didn’t ‘get’ the gum supply container and why I bring it. Now they’re all about the Double Bubble life.

Now 3-1, we get back at it Saturday morning against a new opponent and we’ll be missing two of our reliable players, including our No. 1 starter. This could get interesting. I might need two more innings out of Griff.

Stay tuned.

Thank you for all the messages on asthma and my son

As we’ve told our son over the last 24 hours, we’ll manage this and he’s definitely not in some super exclusive club. He’s heading back to school today and Mrs. Screencaps might actually have a quiet day of work in her part of the house. I’m definitely not going to test her after she’s been getting up to conduct breathing treatments in the middle of the night.

Owen B. gives us some intel for his upcoming Northern Michigan ‘romantic’ trip

If you missed Wednesday Screencaps, Owen B. is traveling from Atlanta to Detroit to Northern Michigan with his wife for a “romantic” getaway. But I needed a few more details to help the Bs. What are they into?

Owen B. writes:

I appreciate you publishing my email and wanted to give some specifics. My wife and I love to travel to new spots and try new things. We’re into hiking, sightseeing, adventure seeking, food and drink (I hear the pasties are a must in UP), sports, and whatever else are must-see / can’t miss things where we travel.

I recently returned from Normandy with my dad, two brothers and cousin (see pic and video below) – that’s a trip everyone in the SC community (and American for that matter) should make at least once in their lifetime. My grandfather landed on Utah Beach on D-Day and fought in the Battle of the Bulge. I’m inspired to be a better father, husband, person etc knowing what he went through.

• Mike B. writes:

Pretty solid overview of northern Michigan travel. I think you could take over for Jeff Daniels and be the official voice of Pure Michigan.

Wanted to add a couple more spots in northern Michigan. First… you have to check out Torch Lake. It’s like the Caribbean, but in Michigan. Unreal spot and my favorite place around. Water temps may be a little cold. Like you said, we need to know more about Owen’s interests. If he is a cold plunge guy, he might be able to test the waters.

Drone photos from Torch last July from the Pontoon

Another good one to check out, Glen Arbor. There is a great spot, Cherry Republic out there. I know there are a couple in Traverse, but this one is a really good place for a couples retreat for dinner, drinks, ice cream.

Lastly, if you are going to go all the way to the UP. Pictures Rock and Tahquameon Falls are both really amazing places. Also, crossing the Mackinaw Bridge is something to behold. It’s awesome and terrifying at the same time.

Owen can’t go around up there….. just be ready for the weather. I spent a few years in Atlanta and June in Northern Michigan can be like November in Atlanta.


Based on what Owen B. is telling us, I’d 100% spend a day in and around Sleeping Bear Dunes and make the walk up the dunes to get your moneyshot of Glen Lake. Mike B. is right. Head over to Glen Arbor to take a stroll and make sure to head up to Leland to see Fishtown and take a stroll. Get a glass of wine. Relax. Hopefully the sun is shining.

Drink and eat your way through Traverse. You can’t go wrong.

And Mike B. is right. Schedule a day trip to take your wife over the Mackinac Bridge.

• Myron B. writes:

Owen wrote about driving to the UP so a few suggestions for things to see.

1 Mackinaw Island. Not quite the UP but you can get there from here

2 Soo Locks.  Take one of the tour boats and experience the locks in person

3 Whitefish Point and the Shipwreck Museum

4. Taquaminon Falls. Yes I can’t spell it but it is worth the steps.

5  I am from the Keweenaw originally so love the Seaman Mineral Museumat Michigan Tech

6  Also the drive from Houghton up 41 to Copper Harbor then back over Brockway Mountain and back along the shore to Eagle Harbor.   

7. Look for waterfalls.

8  Picture Rocks Beatrice in Munising

Don’t know how much time they are planning to spend but the UP is very tourist oriented with lots of history, restaurants, trails, lakes and falls.   Always a secret place to enjoy.

• Scott B. from Cincy has a problem with my advice:

Glad to hear your son is doing better.

However, are you off your game because of the short layoff? Owen B. Asked for tips about UP and you proceed to give him travel advice about Northern Michigan.

Everything you told him was great travel advice but you answered a question he did not ask. Didn’t he say he wanted to visit the Upper Peninsula? I think you should have started with the drive over the Mackinac Bridge and gone from there. He could hit Traverse and all the rest on the way back.


Scott B. is right. Owen B. did say the UP, but my brain rarely acknowledges that people from Atlanta are going to go on a romantic vacation north of the Mackinac Bridge in early June unless they’re going to Mackinac Island.

Now I’ll give Scott B. the floor to provide Owen with romantic trip advice for north of the Mackinac Bridge.

LIV Golf

• Scott B. also has a problem with Mike D. and his review of LIV on TV.

Mike D. tells us how much he enjoyed the LIV telecast on Sunday. 

He didn’t mention how he enjoyed watching the ending.

I wonder why?

In addition, he appears to have been one of the few who watched.


Thanks to Scott for checking in this week. We should make him the ombudsman.

Alpha male behavior?

This morning, the text group got on the topic of alpha male behavior at sporting events and Diesel pointed out guys who take leaks at urinals with their pants at their ankles.

That led to a story I’ve told my buddies over the years from a night at Welcome Stadium in Dayton, OH during the Ohio High School Football State Playoffs years ago. I can’t remember which teams were playing, but I remember what I saw upon entering those cozy Welcome restrooms.

Right there out in the open was some dude taking a dump in a stall without a door. Take it or leave it, he had no choice. It had to be a moment of horror when he realized there wasn’t a door — probably had something to do with losers doing drugs in the stalls — and he’d have to take an emergency dump right out in the open as HS football fans rolled in to take a leak.

Doesn’t get much more alpha than that. The intimidation factor was off the charts.


• Chris W. writes:

Had a buddy let me use an old truck while my car was in the shop (took a while due to parts issues)…but saved me from a tiny rental & $$$. So I took off of the rusty side steps and sanded/repainted to look new.

Give it back in a better condition than you got it… let folks know you appreciated using their stuff. One of the many life lessons from dad (lost a year ago this week).

That’s it for today.

Get those mowers fired up for another league night. Let’s get after it.

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