UFC Ring Girls Are Ready For 257, Dan Campbell Trying To Move F-150s & A Crazy First Basket Scorer Parlay Hits

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Well, that was a wild night. I lost count of how many times our son puked & continues to puke

We haven’t had one of those all-night pukers around here lately — until last night at what felt like around 2 a.m. And it was on from there for the four-year-old. I’ll spare you the details of the warzone my wife encountered. Let’s just say I hope not to encounter that bug this weekend.

Quickly moving on…

• Congratulations to the lucky soul in Novi, Michigan who is holding the $1 billion Mega Millions ticket. Enjoy your new life in a new climate and with all the trappings that come along with $1 billion. Someday I’ll learn how it feels.

• RIP Larry King…the guy hosted 50,000 interviews over his career & had just about as many marriages. Larry considered his 1988 interview with Frank Sinatra as one of his career highlights. Watch this interview and then imagine it being on cable TV in 2021.

• The founder of IKEA, Ingvar Kamprad, has died, according to media reports. I had no idea before this morning when I started reading into Kamprad’s life, that he was a member of Sweden’s Nazi party during World War II and had a deep appreciation for fascist leader Per Engdahl.

• Good luck to the illegal streamers out there who’ll be testing Dana White later this evening by stealing his UFC 257 broadcast. That’s what I have my eyes on.

Hopefully, the puking is over in this house and we can have a strong Saturday without football. I need to develop some sort of life schedule now that I have free time on weekends.

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