UFC Legend Cain Velasquez Talks Jail Life After Shooting Alleged Child Molester

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UFC fighter Cain Velasquez is out of jail after over 250 days, and is awaiting trial on attempted murder charges for attacking the person who molested his 4-year-old son.

Velasquez was released last month after eight months on $1 million bail, and will have to wear a GPS tracker and not come within 300 yards of the alleged victims. The former UFC champ still doesn’t have a trial date, but “faces a number of charges, including attempted murder.”

For the first time since his release, Velasquez, 40, opened up about his time behind bars, telling MMA Junkie that he “was around just a small group of other inmates,” and had around three hours of free time per day.

“It was very low-key,” he continued. “(There was) only a few people that I was able to kind of hang out with. I guess the good thing about it is you’ve got a lot of alone time with yourself, and the bad thing about it was you’ve got a lot of alone time with yourself.”

Cain Velasquez.
Cain Velasquez was released on bail last month. (Photo by Josh Hedges/Zuffa LLC/Zuffa LLC via Getty Images)

Cain Velasquez opens up about mental battle inside jail

Velasquez also took time to thank his fans, and the UFC community, for their support over the past year.

The UFC fighter was arrested last February after he shot at a pickup truck carrying the man through three Silicon Valley cities, hitting the vehicle with his own truck during a high-speed chase, prosecutors said.

A judge denied bail back in March before Velasquez was ultimately released last month.

“My mind ran both sides of it – the bad side and the good side,” he continued this week. “We always have to have faith. It doesn’t matter what position we’re in, where we’re at. We’ve always got to look for the best-case scenario for us and just know that our lives are something much bigger and it’s all going to work out for the best, always.”

Velasquez claims in a civil suit that Harry Goularte sexually molested his son while the boy was attending a day care run at a home by Goularte’s mother, Patricia Goularte.

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