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UFC Fighter Thanks Wanted Criminal In Unsuspecting Victory Speech

Welterweight fighter Mounir Lazzez went from defeating Ange Loosa at UFC Vegas 51 to defending himself against allegations over his post-fight comments.

When Lazzez hit the mic alongside Daniel Cormier after getting his hand raised, he raised a whole lot of eyebrows when he gave one specific person a shout-out — a potential Irish crime lord.

After he won, Lazzez said:

“I would love to thank my coaches and my brother Daniel Kinahan. Without him, I would never be the man who I am today and my career at this point. Thanks a lot.”

Current allegations against Kinahan, as relayed by The New York Post, include “running one of the world’s biggest cartels, drug trafficking, money laundering and an alleged gang war in Dublin and Spain that has resulted in 18 deaths.”

Kinahan has also been sanctioned by the U.S. government and carries a $5 million bounty.

The fighter claimed that his special thanks to Kinahan did not refer to any ongoing allegations or investigations, which Lazzez admitted he simply wasn’t aware of.

He added in the postfight interview, “It was a hell of a camp. Three opponents changed. We give the fans what we want. We stand in the middle and we bang. I want to stand in the middle and knock people out or get knocked out. I’m made for this s***.”

Lazzez won by unanimous decision after three rounds against Loosa.

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Written by Alejandro Avila

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