UConn’s Danny Hurley Won’t Change His Underwear For Final Four

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UConn head basketball coach Dan Hurley ain’t about to take any chances days before the Final Four — get your tickets on StubHub! — and if that means he has to get a little crusty, so be it.

Like any good coach worth his or her salt, Hurley said he plans to stick to his guns this week and wear the exact same pair of underwear he’s worn all tournament long: red boxers with cartoon dragons.

“They’re like underoos for adults,” his wife, Andrea Hurley, told The NY Post.

Dan Hurley UConn underwear.
Dan Hurley loves cartoon underwear.

UConn coach Dan Hurley loves a good pair of cartoon underwear

Underoos for adults? Don’t know what that means, but it’s Dan’s world right now and we’re all just living in it.

Hurley, 50, has been wearing these bad boys since the Huskies opened the tourney with a win over Iona, and he hasn’t gone back to the top drawer since.

Side note: everyone keeps underwear and socks in the top drawer, right? You’re a psycho if you don’t.

Anyway, here’s where things get a little sketchy … Hurley does in fact wash these boxers. I mean, you sort of have to because I’m pretty sure you start to run into health issues if you wear the same underwear for two weeks, but it also defeats the purpose, doesn’t it?

If you’re going to truly have a superstition, you have to lean into it. You can’t go half-measures here. You’re either all in or you’re out.

Dan Hurley UConn.
UConn Huskies head coach Dan Hurley. (Photo by Brian Rothmuller/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images)

To be fair, though, Hurley doesn’t just rock the same underwear. According to his wife, this cat dives into the film room throughout the year to see how he can gain an edge.

“He always pulls up the game that he had against the opponents to see what he was wearing,” Andrea Hurley said. “If they won that game, he’ll wear the same outfit.”

And how about this for a vet move?

According to the Post, Hurley travels to all road games with a portable washing machine — what the hell is that? — and his wife will dry his clothes with her hair dryer.

Wild move.

Good luck, Miami!

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Written by Zach Dean

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