UC Berkeley Co-Op Housing Bans White People From Common Areas

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The latest incidence of institutional racism comes from an entirely unsurprising area.

If there’s an absurd far left policy to be found, it’s a safe bet it comes from the San Francisco Bay Area.

A new report from The Daily Mail details that an off-campus co-op near University of California-Berkeley that houses university students is banning “white people” from common spaces. The reports also says that many of its residents moved there to “avoid ‘white violence and presence.'”

It might sound too ridiculous to be true, but a photo of the “house guest rules” quite literally says it all. Members should “respect their decision of avoidance” if they dare allow white guests to visit the residence.

POC house
Screengrab from Reddit shows the POC House rules.

And if white guests are brought in, their presence must be announced in the “guest chat:”

POC House
Another screengrab from Reddit.

While the housing is not operated by the university itself, it was set up by a cooperative of Cal students.

And naturally, the house rules also include wearing masks, because nonsensical policies like these seemingly go hand in hand.

Avoid Bringing White People Who Express Bigotry To The House, Please

In a perfect distillation of modern victimhood culture, the entire property was designed to provide housing for “marginalized students of color.” It also specifically bans residents from bringing in “parents/family members that express bigotry.”

“The house was set up as part of the Berkeley Student Cooperative, a program designed to bring affordable housing to students in California’s Bay-area, and ‘aims to provide housing to low-income, first generation, immigrant and marginalized students of color.’

According to the rules, people who live there should “avoid bringing parents/family members that express bigotry,” because “Queer, Black, and Indigenous members should not have to avoid common spaces because of homophobic or racist parents/family members.”

This is the inevitable result of how progressive activism has created an entirely new breeding ground for the modern version of racism. Words like “violence” and “inclusivity” have lost all semblance of meaning.

“Violence” used to mean acts of physical harm. Now it means hearing words or ideas that challenge woke theology.

“Inclusive” used to mean that all were welcome. Now it means specific categories of people can be excluded if even being around them is upsetting.

People are no longer defined as human beings, all worthy of the same treatment. They’re instead defined as which specific “victimized” categories they belong.

Obviously there have been horrific instances of racism and racist policies in the United States. But the answer to historic injustices is not to create more.

Progressives have destroyed language and equality. Instead, they are choosing to promote ridiculous policies that fulfill their ideological goals while perpetuating racism.

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