U.S. Diplomats Told To Burn Flags, Shred Documents Before Taliban Arrive In Kabul

Reports coming out of Afghanistan throughout the weekend have documented the incoming Taliban armed forces looking to overtake the capital of Kabul. The siege will make way for the terrorist armed forces to establish dominion over Afghanistan once again.

Located in the city of Kabul is the U.S. Embassy, which was forced to evacuate American officials once U.S. intelligence groups estimated that the Taliban would complete their operation by Sunday.

A report from Stars and Stripes noted that United States diplomats, in their final moments leading up to emergency evacuation, were instructed to shred documents containing private intel, and burn American flags to hide any symbols of U.S. propaganda from the insurgents attacking Kabul.

The appalling timeline of events out of Kabul in the past three days has led to waves of citizens fleeing Afghanistan out of Hamid Karzai International Airport. Meanwhile, civilians without the option to evacuate brace for Taliban arrival and plan to surrender rather than put up a fight against the vicious militia.

President Biden and the Pentagon reportedly reached out to the Taliban before they advanced into Kabul, pleading with the terrorist group to halt their operations until U.S. officials were allowed to board their flights out of the city.

Thousands of American troops were sent to safely escort the U.S. officials from Kabul in helicopters for expedited evacuation, suggesting that the Taliban had dismissed the United States’ plea for more time.

Headlines coming out of Kabul early Sunday confirmed that the terrorist forces infiltrated the Presidential Palace of Afghanistan, laying the foundation for a once-defeated overseas opponent to re-enter the discussion of international conflict.

Per the Reuters report, Afghan President Ashraf Ghani left Kabul on Sunday, fearing potential “bloodshed” at the hands of Taliban soldiers.

A Taliban spokesman said the following regarding the seige of Kabul:

“Today is a great day for the Afghan people and the mujahideen. They have witnessed the fruits of their efforts and their sacrifices for 20 years. Thanks to God, the war is over in the country.”

President Ghani stated on Saturday that the United States’ withdrawal from Kabul was the final domino to fall before the terrorist armed forces re-captured the capital city.

The Taliban have declared their intention to reshape the newly claimed land into the “Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan.”

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Written by Alejandro Avila


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  1. The incompetence of the weekend at Bidens administration is unreal…what sort of strategy is this, are they working with the Taliban? Why not keep 3,000 troops and maintain the air bases – drone the Taliban when needed to keep them at bay, use the air bases as strategy military locations and never leave. This is Jimmy Carter part 2 but maybe worse

  2. Yes, I think we certainly needed to get our troops out of the meat grinder called Afghanistan, but never like this. Putting thousands of Americans and allies in peril in a stupidly planned exit like this is inexcusable…almost appearing like sabotage. That country’s army doesn’t want to fight to protect its own people from a bunch of backward lunatics like the Taliban, and that’s a problem no amount of money or weaponry can fix. Multiple countries have tried and failed to occupy that God forsaken ground in the last century (British, Soviets, US). It’s cursed land. I’m afraid now all we’ve done in the end is simply arm the Taliban to the teeth with all the weapons we gave the army. What an utter embarrassment Biden has created here. The man, his VP, his cabinet, the chiefs of staff, and his advisers are totally incompetent and have no business running a lemonade stand, much less this country.

    • Yeah, I think most wouldn’t be surprised if the Taliban had eventually reclaimed power in Afghanistan after a period of time but for it to happen this quickly? Damn.. We just left and it’s already a wrap. Given the developments and intel we have, one would think we would at least have evacuated all US citizens and allies prior to the shitstorm. Although Trump also wanted to get out of Afghanistan I would think he’d be a little more strategic about it. Biden admin completely shit the bed on this.

  3. It’s the same question that reverberates in most people’s heads when it comes to this administration, “Who could have seen this coming?” Uh, everyone else. The president has made 17 trips to Delaware in his first 24 weeks in office. This gig is his part time retirement job and nothing more than that. The Vice President has botched the border crisis to where it appears that she is no longer the point person.

    These two reached the apex of their competence a long time ago and this is what the country is stuck with.

  4. I sure hope he can defend our own borders from an armed conflict better than this. Who knows what is slithering through our borders as the free for all continues. I too lived through the Carter years and other than maybe Clinton, we have never been this soft as a nation.

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