U.S. Air Force Announces New Physical Fitness Testing Options, Including Walking

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Military news sites are buzzing this week over the announcement from the U.S. Air Force that it will soon offer new alternative physical fitness testing options in January 2022 when airmen will be able to choose their own fitness testing option. Lt. Gen. Brian T. Kelly, deputy chief of staff for manpower said this week that there will be options that include walking.

Current options for the fitness test include a 1.5-mile run, push-ups, and sit-ups. Air Force officials say that will “soon” change, according to AirForceMag.com.

“Say you’re not a long-distance runner, … we have a way to do a shuttle run back and forth, about 20-25 meters apart over a timed distance, and the fastest you can do that will correlate your score, just like your 1.5-mile distance,” Kelly said. “… There’ll be an option to walk. Today you can only walk if you get a medical leave, right? You’ll have an option to walk as well.”

Planks will be incorporated into the sit-ups section of the test. Raised hand push-ups will make their way into the push-up test. Swimming, biking and rowing won’t have a spot in the testing – for now.

And starting July 1, waist measurement will no longer be part of U.S. Air Force fitness testing. As for Space Force, it will eventually have its own fitness testing guidelines. It remains to be seen how fit the Space Force will need to be in order to sit in command rooms and look at monitors. That has left some Air Force members on Reddit are wondering if SF commanders will work lightsaber duels into the fitness test.

Great question.

Current USAF fitness test requirements include:

MALES age 30 and below: 1.5 Mile Run = 1.5 mile run in 11:57 or less, Push -Ups = 33 (in 1 minute), Sit -Ups = 42 (in 1 minute), Pull-ups – 0.

MALES ages 31 -39: 1.5 mile run in 11:57 or less, Push-ups = 27 (in 1 minute), Sit -Ups = 39 (in 1 minute), Pull-ups – 0. Abdominal Circumference 35 inches or less for all ages.

FEMALES ages 30 and below: 1.5 Mile Run — 14.26 or less, Push -Ups — 18 (in 1 minute), Sit -Ups — 38 (in 1 minute), Pull -ups – 0.

FEMALES ages 31-39: 1.5 Mile Run — 14.26 or less, Push -Ups — 14 (in 1 minute), Sit -Ups — 29 (in 1 minute), Pull -ups – 0. Abdominal Circumference 31.5 inches or less for all ages.

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  1. When will playing video games become part of PT? This is a fucking joke.

    I’m 46 and those under-30 men’s qualifications are more of a warm-up to a workout. If you need to walk instead of that, you shouldn’t be in the armed forces

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