Tyrod Taylor Missing Next Week Giving Rookie QB Justin Herbert The Keys To The Franchise

ESPN’s Adam Schefter is now reporting that Chargers quarterback Tyrod Taylor has been officially ruled OUT for next week’s game. Rookie QB Justin Herbert is expected to play this weekend, but now gets an extended stay under center. Herbert suddenly goes into full “try out” mode as they’ll get a couple weeks to see the kid earn the starting job.

We never hope for injuries to become opportunities, but the NFL has seen this before. Drew Bledsoe took a hit that caused internal bleeding and a concussion that led to Tom Brady stealing the show. The NFL is very much like real life that availability is sometimes what you need to show your ability.

Unfortunately for Taylor a freak accident punctured his lung and thrusted a rookie in his seat. At least Tyrod knew from the jump that this Chargers front office was always planning on transitioning the starting job.

We still can’t help but feel bad for a guy that risks losing his job for something out of his control. Hopefully Tyrod Taylor comes back healthy week 5 and gets back into the fold.


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    • Tyrod gets an extra week to get healthy again. Herbert may or may not be the future, he/they got spanked today. Please explain how he is better. His resume is better? He looked good against the chiefs and lost? And then with preparation this week he lost again to a Panthers team that lost their star player and still managed to beat Herbert. Sorry Greg, I’m just trying to make sense of your comment.

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