Tyreek Hill Slid Into Jake Paul’s Girlfriend’s DMs After An Appearance On Paul’s Podcast

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The DMs can be a very messy place. There are all kinds of things that go on there. Some of those things are innocent and some have a very specific purpose.

Jake Paul knows all about the drama in the DMs. His girlfriend Julia Rose has been the recipient of a DM or two in the past. Including DMs from NFL players. 49ers star Deebo Samuel was caught sliding into her DMs back in early August.

Now Dolphins wide receiver Tyreek Hill, who just made an appearance on Paul’s podcast BS w/ Jake Paul a couple of weeks ago, showed up in Rose’s DMs. He used his pickup line “don’t forget about me” on her.

The very same pickup line Hill said he used during his appearance on the podcast. Is this an innocent DM or one with a purpose?

It’s hard to say. It’s also hard to say if Paul was actually upset by it. He didn’t do any trash talking and simply responded by saying, “Tyreek you dirty dog.”

Time to throw hands?

Hill tweeted out a video of himself sliding into Rose’s DMs. He did so from his podcast It Needed To Be Said‘s Twitter account.

The video was in response to Paul’s tweet calling Hill out and was captioned, “Can we settle this sometime soon? Just give us a date and we’ll be there.”

There’s no way Hill wants to get in the ring with Jake Paul. Not with the Dolphins season set to kickoff against the Patriots in matter of days.

This all looks like an attempt on Hill’s part to get some of the spotlight on his podcast’s Twitter account. He accomplished that.

But was Paul onboard with the clout chasing effort from the start? If not it’s a ballsy move by Hill. This isn’t Logan Paul we’re talking about.

Jake has put a couple of people to sleep in the ring and they didn’t even slide into his girlfriend’s DMs.

Written by Sean Joseph


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