Tyreek Hill Explains Why He Shoved A Coach On The Sideline

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Were you wondering what was up with Tyreek Hill shoving a coach on the sideline while the Chiefs were up 22-10 on the Browns in the third quarter of Sunday’s game? Reporters wasted no time Wednesday getting the story behind the shove.

Everyone can relax. There’s no beef between Tyreek and the coach. The guy was just LIT over being up 22-10 and eventually on his way to the AFC Championship Game for the third straight season.

“It’s just my energy level,” Hill told reporters. “I feel like I play the game with so much passion. Not only me, but we put so much into this game. I come off the sideline fired up, and I just give my coach a shove. That’s just me and my personality, man. I’m just fired up and happy to be in the NFL and to be a part of this great organization.

“A lot of people see it as me being a hothead on the sideline or being a diva. It wasn’t like that,” Hill added. “I was just fired up and trying to give the guys energy. I wish everyone would’ve just thought about it. If I were to really have pushed my coach, everybody would’ve been holding me back. It was just us being fired up, giggling, laughing. We’re just enjoying each other. That’s all it was.”

Exactly, Tyreek. Notice how not a single player thought a fight was about to erupt on the sideline? Most of these blue checkmark nerds don’t even use their empty brains. They just want to create drama since Tyreek has a domestic assault arrest in his history. It’s like these blue checkmark nerds never played a sport in their life.

It’s like they’ve never been on a green when a buddy sinks a 40-footer for par while shooting 104. People get excited and start moshpits over this stuff.

Written by Joe Kinsey

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  1. ” when a buddy sinks a 40-footer for par while shooting 104″.

    Everyone knows this feeling. Its the reason we keep coming back and losing a pack or two of Pro V1s we have no business playing with every weekend. Love it.

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