Two NFL Teams Remain Under 50% Vaccination

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Just ahead of training camp, two NFL teams have less than 50% of their members vaccinated.

Last week, NFL Network’s Tom Pelissero reported that, as of July 12, seven teams were above the 85% threshold for player vaccinations, which increased to 10 teams by Thursday.

Teams above the threshold will have fewer restrictions once camps open. Players aren’t required to get vaccinated, but while players are exempt, Tier 1 and Tier 2 staffers are still required to get vaccinated. OutKick previously reported that coaches and other staff who aren’t fully vaccinated won’t be eligible for Tier 1 or 2 status and will not be allowed to work directly with players.

Pelissero reported that 71% of players league-wide have had at least one shot on July 12 and as of Thursday that number had increased to 73%.

The Associated Press reports that Washington and Indianapolis had the two lowest COVID-19 vaccination rates among the 32 teams in the league. Pittsburgh, Miami, Carolina and Denver have the highest vaccination rates and are among 10 teams that have achieved at least 85%.

July 12 was the deadline for players to get their second shot — or a single shot of the Johnson & Johnson vaccine — to clear the window to be considered fully vaccinated, the NFL said.

OutKick previously reported that virtually all Tier 1 and 2 personnel — coaches and administrative staff — had previously been vaccinated.

The NFL and NFLPA updated protocols to loosen restrictions for fully vaccinated players and to encourage others to get the vaccine.

Unvaccinated players must continue to get daily testing, wear masks and practice physical distancing. They will not be allowed to eat with teammates, participate in media or marketing activities while traveling, use the sauna or steam room and may not leave the team hotel or interact with people outside the team while traveling, the outlet reports. Vaccinated players will not have any of those restrictions.

Written by Megan Turner

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  1. How they doing on those Hepatitis all forms, TB , Mumps, Measles vacs hmm yeah right just concerned about the NON FDA approved experimental vaccine that was rushed through and of course politics dripping all over it. Never about health always about control smfh

  2. ESPN, NBA, NFL, MLB, et al…
    I seriously wonder if they’re getting compensated for playing along with the pathetically obvious agenda, pimping masks and the experimental jab like a hungry, commission only used car salesman?!

    Any reasonable Covid article involving Doctors with brains and facts tells us what’s going on, and it’s truly mind boggling how many zombies are roaming around buying whatever TV and the hair sniffer say…

    Here’s an interview I found on Outkick, shared by a fellow VIP.
    It’s recent – July 7th – and I’m sharing it with anyone I believe cares about truth…

  3. Everyone asking *if* professionals sports are compensated for their political pandering need to remember that they are the only business entities in the US that have monopolistic protections. They aren’t just compensated, they literally EXIST, because of legal protection from the US government. They will ALWAYS do whatever the government tells them to do because they are, for lack of a better term, owned by the US government.

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