Two New Cases Of Blood Clots After Receiving J&J Vaccine Under Review

Health officials are looking into two new cases of blood clots following administration of the Johnson & Johnson vaccine, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention said on Tuesday.

Per the CDC, the new cases involve one male and one female. Each is younger than 60 years old.

J&J’s vaccine was recently paused for 10 days after multiple people who received it experienced clotting. U.S. health officials recommended reintroducing the vaccine late last week, indicating that the clotting was extremely rare.

Per Reuters, 17 people have experienced blood clots out of the 8 million who have received shots. Unlike the Pfizer and Moderna double-dose vaccinations, J&J consists of just one dose.

“At issue is a weird kind of blood clot that forms in unusual places, such as veins that drain blood from the brain, and in patients with abnormally low levels of the platelets that form clots,” The Associated Press reported. “The CDC and Food and Drug Administration initially spotted six people who developed such clots one to three weeks after J&J vaccination, including one death.”

Written by Sam Amico

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