Two Laguna Beach Hotels Forced To Shutdown After A Wild Brawl Broke Out Between Two Groups Of Armed Security Guards

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It’s been an eventful week for a couple of Laguna Beach hotels. A wild brawl involving as many as 20 people broke out earlier this week leading to the shutdown of Hotel Laguna and 14 West.

The fight, between two separate groups of armed security guards, was one of three incidents involving the two groups that took place on Tuesday. Things got off to a rough start in the morning at 14 West.

Two Laguna Beach Hotels Forced To Shutdown After A Wild Brawl Broke Out Between Two Groups Of Armed Security Guards
Wild brawl breaks out between two groups of armed security guards (Image Credit: KTLA/YouTube)

Police responded to a call about an armed security guard causing a disturbance. The parties involved were separated and agreed to remain civil. By the afternoon the agreement had ended and the two sides were back at it.

Police were then called out to a brawl involving as many as 20 people in the lobby of Hotel Laguna. Later that evening another altercation took place back at 14 West.

Laguna Beach City Manager, Shohreh Dupuis, then decided the two hotels needed to be shutdown. He did so, “due to unsafe conditions and to protect the health and safety of the public, people inside the premises and Laguna Beach Police officers.”

Only one man was arrested following the 20-person brawl. It was determined that the man, a security guard, struck a security guard from the opposing group. This is what set off the brawl.

This is all apparently went down because of a dispute between a real estate investor and a group of investors. The group claims to have bailed the investor out.

Investor On Investor Crime Usually Doesn’t Have A Happy Ending

“This is a civil issue that has resulted in both parties hiring armed security and attempting to force the other from the businesses,” said Police Chief Jeff Calvert.

“Both sides have been warned but unfortunately, neither side will relent and take the appropriate actions through the civil judicial process. Immediate closure of the businesses will allow a cooling off period for both parties and protect the public from inadvertently being caught up in the middle of a civil issue that has the potential to become more violent.”

This started out as a crazy brawl and quickly turned into a bizarre movie plot. Something tells me these two groups are going to pick things up right where they left off after the hotels reopen.

I’m all for a good armed security guard brawl so long as no innocent people are harmed in the hotel lobby battle. Grab the cameras and put these things on pay-per-view.

Written by Sean Joseph

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