Twitter, The Master of Illusion, Turns Dwayne Haskins Into Example Of Black QB Injustice

No one thinks Washington quarterback Dwayne Haskins is any good. 

He ranks 29th in quarterback rating at 80.3, seven points lower than Chicago’s Mitchell Trubisky. In ESPN’s more comprehensive QB evaluation metric, QBR, Haskins ranks 32nd, dead last in the league at 30.6, nearly nine points below San Francisco backup Nick Mullens, who ranks 31st.

Dwayne Haskins, the 15th pick in the 2019 draft, is a certifiable bust. 

Why did he spend all day trending on social media? Why did Twitter turn Haskins’ inevitable benching into an alleged example of NFL systemic racism?

The hashtag #BlackQBs was a top trend in the hours after NFL insiders reported Haskins’ demotion to third team

Social media is the devil’s primary tool of racial polarization and division. Twitter is the sworn enemy of truth and the perverter of facts, context and nuance. It’s David Copperfield, the master of illusion.

Look before you. Here is Dwayne Haskins Jr. He stands 6-foot-4, weighs 220 pounds. The Washington Football Team selected Haskins in the first round primarily because the son of team owner Daniel Snyder went to the same high school as Haskins, and Snyder is enamored with the idea of having a black quarterback lead the football franchise based in our predominantly black nation’s capital.

The Washington Redskins were the first NFL team to win a Super Bowl with a black quarterback, Doug Williams. Since Williams won the Super Bowl 32 years ago, six black quarterbacks have been the starter in Washington — Tony Banks, Jason Campbell, Donovan McNabb, Robert Griffin, Josh Johnson and Dwayne Haskins. 

Daniel Snyder bought the franchise in May of 1999. He was the owner of the team when Banks, Campbell, McNabb, Griffin, Johnson and Haskins led the organization. 

Arguing that Dan Snyder has a problem with black quarterbacks is the equivalent of arguing that Robert De Niro has a problem with black women. The celebrated actor has six kids by three different black actresses. 

Only the magic of Twitter could turn Haskins’ failure in Washington into the illusion of racial injustice. 

It’s the same magic trick that justifies the mainstream media pretending that there is a nationwide pandemic of rogue cops indiscriminately killing black men. Yeah, you can cite a handful of examples. No different from pointing to O.J. Simpson, Rae Carruth and Greg Hardy and arguing that they’re proof of how black football players treat women.

But allegeding a systemic pattern of abuse? That’s Twitter manipulating the mainstream media, who in turn gaslight the public and promote racial warfare.

Dwayne Haskins was a terrible draft pick destined to fail quickly in the NFL. His college coach, Urban Meyer, publicly questioned Haskins’ level of maturity when he declared early for the draft. Doug Williams, now Washington’s VP of player development, has publicly questioned Haskins’ level of commitment to the work necessary to succeed in the NFL.

Ron Rivera, Washington’s head coach, is Puerto Rican and Mexican. He’s best known as Cam Newton’s head coach in Carolina. Rivera isn’t a white colonizer, oppressor or closet klansman. 

A white man (Snyder), a brown man (Rivera) and a black man (Williams) who all seem to have an affinity for black quarterbacks walk into a football facility to evaluate the performance of a 23-year-old black quarterback. You would think the social justice warriors would consider this evaluation process Utopian. 

Instead, it’s racist. It’s an example of the rampant discrimination football fosters.

You can’t win with this crowd. They’re not interested in the truth or unity. Their goal is separation, disharmony and racial animus. It’s Twitter’s greatest magic trick. 

The people fighting to end racism are the primary promoters of racism. 

Tuesday, NBA owner Mark Cuban engaged in a nasty Twitter exchange with Texas Senator Ted Cruz, who criticized the NBA for its over-the-top embrace of Black Lives Matter. Cuban responded with a tweet saying his league desires to end racism. 

The social justice crowd wants to end racism by calling everyone they disagree with racist. Name-calling doesn’t work. Neither do slogans and hashtags. 

What works is what the Washington Football Team has been doing since at least 1988. They choose leaders based on qualifications and potential, regardless of color. They give people the chance to succeed or fail based on their effort, performance and ability to lead. 

Dwayne Haskins’ performance has been mediocre. His effort and leadership have been even worse. Poor effort and leadership cost Haskins his job. You could see it in 2019 when he missed the victory formation snap because he was too busy taking celebratory selfies with fans. 

Teams will tolerate mediocre performance from their young, high draft picks as long as the effort and leadership are strong. That’s why Sam Darnold and Daniel Jones remain the starting quarterbacks in New York. 

Haskins failed for the same reason Josh Rosen bombed in Arizona and Miami. The intangibles compromised their performance. 

A record number of black quarterbacks (10) opened the NFL season as starters. That’s the true black QB narrative. 

Football deals with the complexities of race far more effectively and fairly than the Black Lives Matter, race-obsessed clowns who spend all day tweeting about equality they pray never comes. 

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Written by Jason Whitlock

Jason Whitlock is a longtime sports writer, TV personality, radio host, podcaster and the newest member of the Outkick family.
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  1. Mahomes, Wilson, Newton, Murray, Prescott, ect. Yeah, the NFL is racist. Perform and you will play and get paid. Twitter in particular and SM in general are the worst innovations in the history of humankind.

  2. Haskins deserved to be benched based on the highlights I’ve seen. I won’t root for them until the name returns.

    The most significant piece of this is the demotion to 3rd string. Haskins immaturity must have shown up in a serious way behind the scenes for a demotion like that.

    They would rather have a one leg Alex Smith? As backup.

    Haskins agent is all over twitter. Something happened or River Boat Ron is gambling 🎰 on passive aggressive motivation.

    This SJW crap is killing sports. Its killing the persona of athletes. And maybe it’s exposing an ugly under belly of pro sports. And Permanent damage.

  3. There are consequences for poor performance at this level. Just ask Colin Kaepernick. If you can no longer beat out the competition for the same spot you deserved to be benched and/or sent packing. Why throw millions of dollars and years on a player who will never perform to the level they were drafted or paid during free agency? Sadly the Redskins have a history of paying players huge contracts or trading away draft picks for bust players – i.e. Albert Haynesworth, RGIII, Haskins.

  4. A TOUGH-LOVE commentary and TRUTH-FILLED review!!!
    And I’d be willing to bet the players inside the lines know who should be playing and who should be sitting and the SJWs have no idea about “facts, context and nuance,” as you rightly point out.
    It’s an all or nothing situation for the agitators…they’ll take nothing less than the worst.

    So…a white man (Snyder), a brown man (Rivera) a black man (Williams), and a team mascot, (Scout – a chestnut mare), who all seem to have an affinity for black quarterbacks head into the Utopian Lounge to have a beer and hash out the game plan.
    The bartender looks at the horse: “Why the long face?”

  5. Haskins benefitted from the social media and ESPN hype when he was drafted. His play in the NFL failed to live up to the hype, which was no surprise from anyone who saw him play at Ohio State. Now that same Twitter/ESPN machine is back to tell us our eyes don’t work and that thinking Haskins stinks is racist. Whatever happened to proving it on the field?

  6. And let’s not forget the tweet of Thomas Davis warning Haskins about staring down receivers and Haskins acting as if he didn’t know what Davis was talking about. Serious lack of QB IQ from Haskins that manifested its way onto the field this season.

    • Yep…good points…and I still recall the college nickname – “Shotgun” – that his teammates gave him, including Coach Meyer. NFL is a whole different story.
      JaMarcus Russell had a similar trajectory 10 years ago…3 years with Oakland…started a lot of games his second season…just didn’t work out. NFL usually separates the college kids from the pros pretty quickly.

  7. Jason, as other VIP’s have stated, well written as always. Your columns flow seamlessly from one point to the next, tying everything together, before ending with a statement which challenges us to see truth. In this column, I love the last two paragraphs.

    I am left thinking (again), about how the left leaning media never ceases their narratives which generate attention, power, and money for themselves. Here it is the QB narrative, but of course, we all know their other race baiting narratives (more whites are killed by police each year, but hardly any of us know the names of the white people killed because the media never mentions them, as if these deaths never happened)

    Also, I am left thinking about how the left takes such glee in their race-baiting. They truly do hope equality never comes. Here it is a QB controversy, but we also see it in their hollywood, their media, and their sports media narratives. (they cry that systemic racism exists in media and Hollywood, yet they largely control the media and completely control Hollywood. So who are the racists? Who are the ones who hope equality never comes?)

    • Cuban is Example A of the liberal / Democrat’s view on women. If one of our own (Cuban, Clinton, Biden) are accused of mistreating women – who cares. Women are like black folk, we get the majority of their votes so we don’t care what they think.

  8. I don’t watch the NFL, so I cannot comment on Mr. Haskins’ performance.

    But I am getting tired of OK saying how useless Twitter is as a gauge for anything…then spending precious time/energy giving them and their young, self-absorbed, low-self-esteem, instant-gratification-required-at-all-times crowd and users not only the time of day, but entire columns.

    Stop it. Twitter is a waste of time and effort and has no basis in intelligent discourse, which is one of the bedrocks of OK and one of the reasons I am a VIP. I’d love to hear Clay and Jason say they and OK are taking a month off of twitter completely – no articles, not checking what’s trending, not responding to any nonsense – and see what that does for their brand. If there are holes in the OK communications plan as a result, find different ways to communicate with their fans.

    Twitter is the mob and it cannot rule – even in a well-conceived, well-written, truth-laden column.

    • Thank You. Buying just about everything your selling. Deleted mine. I have outkick. Don’t need social media. Don’t have facebook or twitter.
      If I was interested in what Julia Rose or anyone had to say about anything, then I would have a Twitter or Facebook…don’t have either…but I do follow her on instagram. Great captions.

    • I agree Twitter is fake… it’s a bunch of fake bots from China or Russia trying to push us to a civil war… get rid of Twitter it’s totally fake and nobody but the media cares what is twitted. Don’t fall into the trap thinking Twitter represents American’s views, IT DOES NOT. Twitter doesn’t represent a majority of Americans views. Twitter is not America.

      My problem with OK and Twitter is that there is a lot of content (like polls or fun tournament boards) that get posted from OK on Twitter which I cannot join because I don’t do Twitter. I will never get the sewer Twitter and so I don’t get the full benefits of OK. I suggested to OK to post there Twitter stuff of their website so VIP can comment and join in on the discussions.

  9. Jason, thank you for these “alternative facts.” They give proper context for the decision to bench Haskins. I think it is idiotic to believe that an NFL team, in 2020, is going to unjustifiably bench their black quarterback. Snyder isn’t THAT dumb…

  10. Said it elsewhere. The single most despised entity (possibly) in the world is the white QB. Trubisky – should be drawned and quartered. Wentz – kill him at sunrise. String together 3 bad games in a row and should not be allowed in the league any longer. Keep your chin up Josh Allen, your a bad stretch from being lumped in with Covid 19 as the worse gift to humanity. So Haskins might blow, get in line with a multitude of lousy pro QB’s. We have arrived at a point where people of color can’t fail. You know how dangerous that type of thought is? It’s like having a black President of the USA and not being able to offer critical analysis because the color of his skin.

  11. The Truth is in short supply. Facts are stubborn things. Bread and Circuses is how the Romans kept the citizens content. The Circus tents are sagging mightily these days. Thanks Jason for doing more than your part to shine a light on these frauds.

  12. I’m not convinced Twitter people are real people. The way Twitter operates it wouldn’t surprise me to find out it’s one big Catfish creator. They’ve already been caught jacking with shadow banning, or censoring conservatives to manipulate the messages to the public. If you’re willing to play like that who’s to say you don’t throw a little extra umph behind tweets from race panderers like Cuban, Kaepernick, Obama, AOC and the rest? Cuban’s dumb retort to Cruz got 73,000 likes??? I don’t buy it. It’s been proven Twitter hundred messages they oppose, so it’s reasonable to assume they also sprinkle a little “magic” behind those messages they endorse.

    • Totally agree Twitter is totally fake with fake bots from China/Russia who use Twitter to push us to a civil war. They want to destroy us and they doing a good job creating the illusion of a majority of thinking but it’s not. Twitter is just not reality.

      I recommend to everyone I know to get rid of Twitter but most of the people I know don’t do Twitter.

      It would be interesting to see how many Americans actually use Twitter and are active on it. I bet it’s 10% of America.

  13. Great column! Football is one of the purest meritocracies we have. If the liberals create false narratives there, then they’ll do it anywhere and everywhere (which, of course, they do. and we know they do).

    It is so true that “The people fighting to end racism are the primary promoters of racism.” They’ll scream racism while simultaneously giving jobs to liberal-white-females (Alex Flanagan for example) over a minority who might have more ability. They’ll also hand out million dollar salaries to liberal-white-females (Katie Nolan for example) who are completely mediocre. Then they’ll turn around and blame the rest of the country for their own corruption

  14. I couldn’t agree more. Haskins’ benching has nothing to do with his race. I hate to agree with Colin Cowherd but college QB’s that start less than 25-30 games struggle mightily in the NFL. College defenses are basic compared to the NFL. Plus when you play for a school like Ohio State and your team’s talent outweighs 90% of the opponents you face it is a lot easier to play well. Dude was clearly over his skis in the NFL. Two instances of immaturity also surfaced: last season Haskins was taking selfies after his first win on a 1-5 team (or whatever the Skins crap record was at the time); and then last Sunday getting blown out he is on the sideline smiling and acting like he just won a playoff game because he lead a meaningless touchdown drive to pull the score to 31-17. Grow up dude and learn how to play QB.

  15. This is a great take as always from Jason. I see all over social media look he has better numbers than Daniel Jones or this person or look he had this good game. when you break it down he has done a mediocre job on the field and lack of intangibles off the field have led to this change not him being a black QB.

  16. The main issue in today’s world with these youngin’s and some oldies as well, is that they can’t accept failure, or rather embrace it- as a learning experience and motivation, to improve and figure things out. They have to find someone or something to blame.
    It’s not your color dude (or dudette) –
    it’s that maybe you’re not that good, not focused, not hard working, not determined, not serious, don’t have enough experience, aren’t quite qualified, don’t take responsibility, are late too many times, are too distracted or feel entitled – and the person that’s up next, is not.
    They realize their areas that need to be improved, and goes out there, with no excuses and just
    Not a lot of walk the walk today- just a lot of talk, and excuses.

  17. How about Teddy Bridgewater? Comes back from a life threatening injury to take the reins in NO, and is now getting it done in CLT. If the woke crowd could somehow focus on the players with talent who are the real success stories and not losers like Haskins and Kapernick they would have so much more credibility. I know, wishful thinking.

  18. Great read. What I find interesting is that absolutely no one I know reads or is ever on Twitter. It seems to be celebrities and writers generating content for news outlets and opinion media to report on.

    I guess it’s the new lazy/cheaper way for a writer/reporter to find out who someone is and what they advocate.

    • Yes I totally agree. I have asked everyone I know if they use Twitter or have it. Out of everyone around me there are only 2-3 people that are active on Twitter. I would say maybe 10% of Americans use Twitter. Maybe lower. Twitter is totally fake bots trying to push us to civil war.

  19. What is it with basketball owners in Texas? Between Pop and Cuban it’s a race to the bottom. How they achieved the success they have is beyond me. Pop embracing the BLM movement hook line and blah blah blah. Cuban who seems to have his compass pointed in the right direction but is clearly on the wrong ship. If a reported had the balls to walk up to him and ask him if he supported dismantling the “nuclear” family (i.e. telling dads to go take a hike, mom can take care of everything), I wonder what his answer is? Same for Pop. They won’t ever face questions like this because “reporters” are members of the Gumby Club and have traded both their spines and balls for a laptop and access. That Black Lies as a Matter movement has been exposed for what it is. They can’t even defend the basic tenets they posted on their website. As Whitlock pointed out a few weeks ago, sure looks like they gave the site a good ‘ole fashioned scrubbin’. What does that say about an organization that won’t even buy into it’s own bullshit. Bet in a few months you’ll be able to get a good price on the blm chotsky that’ll be available. Bottom line: shut up and dribble, hand-off and pitch. You’re entertainers. Go do that….

  20. Twitter, like so many in social media, is made up of a bunch of candyass pussies that wouldn’t know what a jock-strap was if thir life depended on it. Jack Dorsey douchebag. Stick to their SJW whining, and stay away from the sweating/bleeding sports.

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