Twitter Suspends Defiant L’s Account

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Twitter suspended the popular Twitter account Defiant L’s on Tuesday.

The anonymous account exists merely to illustrate liberal hypocrisy, by posting two side-by-side screenshots. For example:

So how exactly is that a Twitter violation? According to Twitter, Defiant L’s violated a “ban evasion.”

“Hey Twitter, so about an hour ago my account @DefiantLs was suspended,” the account’s users posted in a screenshot via The Post Millennial. “The word currently is ‘ban evasion’ though I’ve never had an account suspended so I’ve never had a ban to evade. Regardless, I’ve appealed the suspension and will keep everyone updated. Until then, I can be found at Instagram and also on GETTR at @defiantls ha. Thanks for all the support and kind words. I hope to chat with you all again soon. Have a drink and keeping honking <3 DefiantLs.”Absurd.From earlier today, here is the last tweet Defiant L’s posted:

At the time of its suspension, the account had amassed over 350,000 followers. #FreeDefiantLs.

Written by Bobby Burack

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  1. TWTR is sitting at 36, it was 85 a year ago. Terrible company, I see no chance for recovery as more and more countries legislate the protection of consumer data, and more people see Twitter for what it is, bot driven dogshit. 20 by the end of summer.

  2. Even for them this ban is ridiculous. All the page did was show the hypocrisy on the left. Apparently using their own words against them is a violation now. Unbelievable. They’re also going after Zerohendge. The left is very afraid of to many normies getting red pilled. Thanks for doing a story on this.

  3. Serious question: Does Twitter actually still employ anyone with even a shred of business acumen? Obviously, they were incredibly smart to launch and grow their platform, but now they are actively damaging their business on a daily basis – and their stock price shows it! It’s not a secret or a mystery of some sort. They are purposefully ruining one of the most successful businesses of this century. Insane.

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