Twitter Removes Hilarious Trump Hurdling COVID Video

Someone had too much fun on Twitter yesterday.

To distract from the media’s depression that President Donald Trump returned to the White House days after testing positive for COVID-19, the Trump campaign posted a hilarious video of the president’s face on Brandon Aiyuk’s body hurdling over coronavirus.  

The laughs weren’t allowed and some bothered account filed a copyright complaint. Twitter then removed the clip.

Since we can’t find/post the clip, use your imagination. It’s good:

Yep, that poor football player, who got worse than posterized, was the virus.  

The video had over 1 million views:

Now, back to madness and the videos that are allowed to stay up on Twitter:

Written by Bobby Burack

Bobby Burack covers media, politics, and sports at OutKick.


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  1. Twitter is joke… get off Twitter… Twitter is for losers and wanna be celebrities or losers that want fame. I have no desire for fame nor do I care what some loser says on Twitter. F..k Twitter it’s total Bull S..t

  2. More censorship they need to change that law stat open them up to lawsuits they are not a neutral platform they are editorializing now that should be a no no enough of this nonsense

  3. Great article! Where is the censorship on BS rants of Cuomo?! How can he be so outraged with the “lack of compassion” from our President, but not be outraged at the lack of compassion from his POS brother! The deaths caused by his brother should have been a story, but never was! Instead President Trump is ridiculed for his “terrible leadership” during Covid and Cuomo is revered for his great leadership”! The hypocrisy is actually comical!

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