Twitter Censors Donald Trump and Puts Don Jr. In Penalty Box Over Hydroxychloroquine

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President Donald Trump and his administration have ongoing issues with Silicon Valley and those will only intensify after Twitter is censoring his tweets or retweets about Hydroxychloroquine, and has frozen his son Donald Trump Jr.’s account over the same thing.

On Monday and Tuesday, President trump has been on a spree retweeting positive stories about Hydroxychloroquine, a drug used for malaria that he and others have been pushing as a remedy for Covid-19. If you go and look at his timeline, at least three tweets have been removed since last night. Here is a spot where two tweets (which I believe were retweets) have been removed, in between two other retweets about Hydroxychloroquine:

One of the videos that President Trump shared had already been deleted by Facebook by the time he shared it. YouTube removed it too.

Meanwhile, Donald Trump Jr. has been notified that his account is limited after he shared a viral video of doctors talking affirmatively about the drug:

Twitter pushed back on the wording of “suspended”:

I’m not going to sit here on a laptop on my couch and act like I have the answers about whether Hydroxychloroquine is effective for Covid-19. Dr. Fauci and the FDA believe it’s not effective. Other doctor studies say it is.

Where this all goes from here is anyone’s guess.

Written by Ryan Glasspiegel

Ryan Glasspiegel grew up in Connecticut, graduated from University of Wisconsin-Madison, and lives in Chicago. Before OutKick, he wrote for Sports Illustrated and The Big Lead. He enjoys expensive bourbon and cheap beer.


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  1. Am doctor. What the actual f$&* is going on? We use medications off label ALL THE TIME. Antibiotics, pain medication, anti-hypertensives, you name it. This really is a case of orange man said it, orange man bad therefore statement bad. I feel like I’m crazy but I’m not…right?!?

  2. It’s a pretty well-known fact as far as I know that it’s effective early on. It’s like Cold-Eez. That stuff is only good as you are starting to get sick. Same thing with HXC. Both use zinc or whatever, makes sense. Implying that it’s not something useful against Wuhan flu is straight up propaganda by tw@tter and I’m sure the big wigs at big pharma companies are pleased to see the cheap and widely available drug be dragged through the mud. They’re going to get their financial windfall from a vaccine, and that’s that, damnit!

  3. How do you censor THE President of the US?? How??? Where is the respect to the office, if not for the person?? If he’s not safe, are any of us?? Wait, let me check….. Do we live in F****ng China or something? There have ALWAYS been differing opinions on healthcare. Doc’s choose what works best for their patients. Wouldn’t you think that Doctors could get together and brainstorm to come up with solutions? This is SUPPOSED to be a pandemic where all the BEST and BRIGHTEST can work on a solution TOGETHER!! Instead, good Docs and POTUS are censored! WHY?? What am I missing?? This is not just because POTUS believes the drug works…. I fear this goes deeper. Perhaps this is about an election and about keeping Americans afraid, in their homes and completely off balance-including keeping our beloved sports from happening! Don’t get me started on the “peaceful protests”… I saw the Doc’s video. They were in front of the Supreme Court building to make a point the they ARE NOT being allowed to speak. Instead the video has been cleaned from all platforms. Find it on bitchute.

  4. Where it goes is almost guaranteed, but where it is still boggles the mind. I am a physician who frequently disagrees with other physicians who make outlandish diagnoses or come up with wacky treatment plans trying to be “outside the box.” I would never have dreamed of social media platforms wholesale deleting the opinions of licensed physicians talking about their experiences treating any disease. I mean, there are hundreds of Karen’s out there telling people to treat their cancer with essential oils…those opinions aren’t misleading? Welcome to China y’all!

  5. More good information about the effectiveness of Hydroxy/Azith/Zinc sulfate:
    Google: Laura Ingraham’s ‘Medicine Cabinet’ on effectiveness of hydroxychloroquine
    (FOX News Videos.11,139 views.4 months ago)
    Drs. Ramin Oskoui, cardiologist and CEO of Foxhall cardiology, and Stephen Smith, founder of the Smith Center for Infectious Diseases and Urban Health, join Laura Ingraham on ‘The Ingraham Angle.’

  6. As Stephen A. Smith would say- the unmitigated gall! This is true arrogance for a business to openly defy the President. Trump is a smart man, and probably has a plan to get his revenge on them in his next term.

  7. What highlights the open discrimination and silencing of conservative opinions is Trump Jr. pointing out that Jake Tapper retweeted a similar story on the same drug a week ago without a peep being said. Twitter, Google and Facebook are getting away with censorship of speech hiding behind their “private” classification, while they control 90% of world information. When you literally CONTROL information I’d say you need regulations that are different than a typical private business. They aren’t censoring their employees, they’re censoring public discourse and the sharing of critical information the public needs to save lives. This needs to be stopped immediately.

  8. The bottom line, look at all the Corona Virus-19 numbers. Not just the numbers that backs one’s ideologues or motives. Also look at all the numbers outside the US, not just the numbers to fit ones mold. Follow all the science. Big pharmaceuticals could be part of the problem. Social media is becoming the equivalent of George Orwell’s 1984 censorship. Time to breakup this media monopoly.

  9. As a vascular surgeon if I contracted COVID 19 I would definitely take Plaquenil , Vitamin D and some other meds. I think delay in starting these have a huge negative effect.
    Social media will do anything to elect Joe Biden. Anyone who is honest can see he won’t have the stamina or mental acumen to fulfill the duties required. Donald Trump makes mistakes but by far is the better candidate

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