Twitch Streamer Runs Through A Glass Door Celebrating World Cup Victory

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Twitch streamer Emiifco went from celebrating a World Cup victory to dealing with multiple cuts in a blink of an eye. He accidentally ran through a balcony glass door in an attempt to take his celebration outside. Given that he has 10s of thousands of followers, the entire scene unfolded during one of his livestreams.

The game was a stressful one for the Argentinian streamer. After jumping out to a 2-0 lead, Argentina gave up two late goals to tie the game. Neither team was able score in extra time and advancing to the semifinals came down to penalty kicks.

Twitch Streamer Runs Through A Glass Door Celebrating World Cup Victory
Twitch streamer runs through glass door (Image Credit: Emiifco/Twitter-TikTok)

The anxiety of the moment is written all over Emiifco’s face. After the winning penalty kick found the net, he couldn’t contain his excitement. He screams, jumps up from his chair, and takes off running towards the balcony.

Not realizing the balcony’s glass door is closed, Emiifco runs right through it. The door shattered immediately sending glass flying all over the balcony. As quickly as it started the celebration came to an end.

Being A Twitch Streamer Is All It’s Cracked Up To Be

The best part of the entire video might be his girlfriend springing into action to rescue the dog from the porch. She then appears to have stopped the livestream.

My cynical side wants to say that this was on purpose. People do dumb things on the internet for attention all the time. But there are a couple of tells as to why this is one hundred percent authentic.

The first one is that the dog was on the porch at the time. The girlfriend would have never allowed this if it was staged. The second tell is that he’s not wearing shoes. There aren’t many people who would risk cuts on their feet for a viral video.

Emiifco is fine, minus some cuts on his arm and leg. Argentina is set to face Croatia in the semifinals on Tuesday. Should they win he might want to double check whether the glass door is open before celebrating.

Written by Sean Joseph

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