Twitch Streamer Considering Leaving The Platform After Her Bikini Streams Get Her Banned Twice In One Month

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The battle to keep content creators in line with rules and regulations on social media is a battle as old as time. Any time there are rules and regulations setup there will be people who see how far they can push things. That battle has made its way to the streaming platforms too.

Some of the best content walks a tightrope between what is considered a rules violation and what is not. Instagram versus the Instagram models has been one of the longer standing battles. But Twitch versus Twitch streamers is becoming more and more common these days.

Twitch Streamer Clara Duh Bikini Streams
Twitch streamer too hot for the platform (Image Credit: Clara Duh/Instagram)

You can’t say this or that, you can’t promote certain things, and while you can wear bikinis on Twitch, you can only do so in certain ways. Who knows what those certain ways are?

One of the oddest battles on Twitch involves the streamers who do venture into bikini content. It’s reminiscent of the battle still being fought these days with Instagram and their models. You know the battle, the arbitrary bans handed out for wearing a bikini a certain way.

Twitch has a whole category for hot tub streams where they handout bans for inappropriate content left and right. Isn’t the whole purpose of a hot tub stream category to have inappropriate content on your platform?

The whole thing is a little confusing, especially for the streamers. It has many looking for alternatives. That includes Twitch partner Clara Duh. She’s considering leaving the platform after being banned for her bikini streams twice in one month.

So You Want To Be A Bikini Twitch Streamer?

While she hasn’t shut her entire Twitch operation down, Clara has launched an account on the streaming competitor Kick. She made the announcement on Instagram, “Too hot for Twitch… on Kick now.”

Twitch Streamer Clara Duh
Twitch streamer launches an account on Kick (Image Credit: Clara Duh/Instagram)

To be fair to Twitch I have no idea why Clara was actually banned. I have a feeling they didn’t hit her with two bans in one month for being “too hot,” but that doesn’t mean the bans were justified.

I side with the content creators in most cases. The ones who make the “I’m too hot” claims are some of the more entertaining ones on the internet.

At the end of the day, banning Clara Duh’s bikini streams hurts everyone.

Written by Sean Joseph

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