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Gauntlet ‘Captain’ surge

I asked and once again Screencaps readers stepped forward. It was a simple message Wednesday morning: If you want to have Gauntlet leagues, we need leaders to step up and be willing to run the leagues. And because Screencaps readers are leaders at their jobs and in life, I now have a massive list of Captains ready to roll.

Now I can start funneling the Participants. I was able to fill one league Wednesday afternoon and should be able to get another three filled today.

Reminder: If you want to play in a Gauntlet league, email me and indicate ‘Participant’ or ‘Captain.’ I will funnel accordingly.

Those of you who’ve been in a coma can get caught up on this Gauntlet thing right here.

My war with the car insurance/adjuster saga rolls on

The latest update: I had to make numerous calls to an adjuster who wouldn’t pick up her phone followed by multiple calls to my own agent, who then started making calls, and I sent an email that finally got a reaction. Keep in mind, the neighbor’s sister (whose husband is an attorney and couldn’t have been more difficult to deal with) hit our parked car on August 7 and I just made contact with an adjuster.

• Jon F. writes:

You hit the nail on the head. Auto insurance claims adjusters are the lowest on the totem pole. I’ve never seen it this bad in 18 years and the turnover is unreal. Usually, an adjuster might have 20 claims at a time… I had one earlier this year say he had 64 active claims. What company are you dealing with?  I ask because honestly some are shit. You always have the option of going through your insurance and waiting to be reimbursed your deductible through subrogation.  9 days is way too long to have an initial conversation.

• Gerard W. writes:

The adjuster probably hasn’t been able to reach the girl that ran into your car. They need a statement from her before they reach out to you. My guess is she has several accidents and this claim will go against her insurance and raise her rates dramatically. You can always turn it in to your own insurance. The problem is that if it’s a small claim they may not subrogate with the other company and then that claim goes against you. Might be worth having a conversation with your agent…..

Kinsey: Between lumber prices, used car prices, the price of boneless-skinless chicken breasts, cellphones, insurance adjusters who refuse to answer their phones, it’s one helluva time to be alive.

I might have the OutKick developer team of Will Mac & Ryan F. look into this one

• P. Charles writes:

Big fans of ScreenCaps and Outkick. Look what shows up on my phone with the redesigned website – Analysis cuts off at Anal. 

Sports, Betting, Culture, and Anal….

Kinsey: I know Will Mac is a big Screencaps guy so he’ll see this in approximately 10 minutes after Screencaps goes live. I’ll await his reaction.

College-bound tips

• John W. writes:

I may have missed it so no worries on deleting but last week there was advice for parents of college bound kids. A lot of good stuff and I will borrow some for my Sophomore that I should have done last year (‘Son, call home to your Mom this Fall every Sunday night once the NFL RedZone Touchdown montage ends.’)

Tip I received was make sure you as parents have a HIPAA release form completed as student is likely 18 and you don’t want to get stuck haggling with a hospital if they have any issues. Student is on our health insurance, so we need to be able to get involved quickly. Keep a copy (notarized was a tip to me but not sure if needed) AND have child fill out a similar form with their school student health center. Our school wanted student to come in instead of our form maybe to ensure student wanted it and not just parents pushing it.

Also, more sobering is a medical directive power of attorney. This may be an overly safe direction (any lawyers to help?) but someone advised us to have this as well. It may have variations by State (do I need one for home State and School State? Lawyers help?). A lot of ‘but my kid’s just a kid’ moments in this form but again don’t want to fight to be involved in the event something happens.

Medical (Health Care) Power of Attorney Forms

There is also a Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA) that is a federal law giving parents the right to have access to child’s education records. Amazingly most parents pay a ton of tuition and then have to rely upon student to keep them up to date on grades. They are legally adults but it is a shift from high school for sure.  This one we decided to trust our Son on and ask but not pry on grades.

Keep up the good stuff-now back to studying Vegas win totals for the Gauntlet draft!

Garage door barn quilt

• Jay J. writes:

Hi Joe:
Not as impressive as you posted Wednesday. but as you drive around Ohio you’ll see many barns with a giant geometric display on them, aka “barn quilts”. I wanted to do our entire garage door as one, but with the current garage door design (the raised panels) I couldn’t.

So I used the raised panels to create a sashing effect, then I put in four matching “cardinal quilt” designs onto our garage door. So from the road, it looks like about a 4′ x 4′ barn quilt.

It was a gift to my wife for our 24th anniversary.  I thought of saving it for our 25h, but life can be fragile, so why wait?  I’ll think of something else for next year.

ps I have good neighbors. At a recent “neighbors night out”, all of them complimented the look. The only one to complain was one where the wife wants one too! 

Quick hitters you guys might find interesting or not

Buffalo Wild Wings slid into the email to announce they’re getting into the flatbread game with Buffalo Boneless Bar Pizza with “ranch dressing, bleu cheese crumbles and mozzarella cheese, boneless wings handspun in Medium buffalo sauce, pickled hot peppers and chopped green onion topped off with a Medium buffalo sauce drizzle.”

There will also be a honey BBQ version. The pizzas are $10.

• My friends at Busch Light want you to make a Busch Light guitar to play by the fire this fall. Nothing impresses the ladies like playing some Van Morrison on a Busch Light guitar. Get to it, fellas.

• You guys will get a laugh at this one. Arcade1Up, which has produced mini versions of arcade video games, is set to release retro NFL Blitz, but there’s a catch —  they took out the violence and late hits that made Blitz a must-play.

It’s unclear if the NFL made this a requirement before they’d do a licensing deal, but Arcade1Up says right on its website that the 2022 version has been cleaned up.

Get your woke version of Blitz — $600.

Let’s get rolling across this incredible country where fences are being opened for those from scumbag countries to roll in.

Keep humping it at the job. The sun is out. The birds are chirping. The kids will go back to school soon or they’re already back. It’s time to hunker down before football.


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