Twitch Streamer Bright Emily Had A Great Christmas, Russell Wilson Memes & Did It Snow At The Packers-Dolphins Game?

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Good morning to all those who had to get up and work today

You didn’t think I’d leave you hanging without a piping hot, fresh new edition of Screencaps, did you? This is the perfect morning to get a post up. You guys are laying around in the recliner. Or not getting out of bed at all until noon when you’ll finally get moving to grab some breakfast.

This is my time to shine.

Let’s go over some Christmas Day highlights:

  • Kids were finally released to go downstairs at 6:45 a.m. The 5-year-old was up at 4 a.m. asking when it was time to open presents. The 10-year-old claims he was up at 3 a.m. I’m very thankful they listen to Mrs. Screencaps and go back to bed. I actually slept in Christmas morning.
  • At some point around 8:30, it was time to dig into the stockings and that’s when we were greeted with this gem.
  • From 11:30-1:15 was recliner time. It felt absolutely amazing. Mrs. Screencaps fired up her new PS5 and the three people in this house that play video games were off and running. I was perfectly fine with the dog joining me on the recliner.
  • More Christmas time at Mrs. Screencaps’ parents house. Kids tearing through Christmas gifts. Aaron Rodgers bitching and moaning his way to victory. Baker Mayfield making all sorts of throws on a Broncos team that wanted a running clock for Christmas and Russell Wilson flat out stealing money from Broncos ownership.
  • Home.
  • More video games for the kids, including Mrs. Screencaps trying to learn how to golf on PGA TOUR 2K23. Yes, I bought myself a game for the first time in like 30 years. How do we do a Screencaps tour on this game? I don’t have a user name yet. Mrs. Screencaps needs to walk me through the setup process later today. She’s the gamer. Fantasy gore-fest games. Vikings murdering people. Skyrim. I just get out of the way when she’s in the zone like her getting out of my way when there are multiple football games to watch.
  • Bed.
  • Up for December 26 Screencaps.

Reader reports:

โ€ข Bill H. writes:

“But I was at the bowl!!!”

My bride and I along with other family members went to the Armed Services Bowl to get a (notta) chance to watch our relative play for the Falcons vs Baylor.

It was 11ยฐ with a -8ยฐ windchill. It’s not as cold when you’re winning, and The Bolts led the entire game. Still, it was wicked cold.

Up by 3 TD’s midway though the 4th and no subs. Come on, coach!

My great-nephew saw us, waiting to talk to him after the game. He said, “What are you doing here?! It’s  cold! Go home!” Didn’t have to tell us twice and we bolted as fast as our frozen legs would allow.

Back at home thawed out now.

Check out this sweet Christmas gift score I got from my daughter and favorite son-in-law:


What a gift, Bill. It must’ve sent chills up your spine when that beautiful TNML green appeared out of the gift box. Get ready. It’s the most comfortable shirt in mowing history. Take care of it. You’ll never forget your first TNML shirt and the way it felt the first time it hits your skin.

The T Christmas spread

Look at this spread the Ts enjoyed for Christmas in France. What a charcuterie board! They kept it simple and didn’t start throwing in piles of fruit. That’s the key here. The charcuterie boards that are clearly designed to garner Instagram likes are disgusting. The Ts, as usual, keep things professional, yet romantic.

Indy Daryl checks in

โ€ข Daryl writes:

Merry Christmas!!! I know I have be MIA as life has gotten crazy these last couple of weeks. I wonโ€™t bore you with all the details, but truly appreciate all that you do and am still a daily reader! I wish you and your family all the best and I hope you are surviving the polar vortex of cold. We pulled a major audible and got out of Indy on Monday before the major cold hit. However, that meant we got to experience the coldest day in Denver since 1963!!

Merry Christmas to the entire SC community. I hope you all get to enjoy family and loved ones on this day when we remember that Jesus first loved us!

What’s that supposed to mean?

It looks like we could have battle brewing between Todd Z. & Johnny Catt.

โ€ข Todd Z. writes:

Wondering what Jonnycatt is implying here. The joke is on him if he thinks it is LOL to consider Zeppelin the greatest rock band ever. Nickleback number 2? GTFO!

In no particular order here are some others:

Stevie Ray Vaughan 

Ronnie James Dio/Black Sabbath

The Eagles

White Stripes/Jack White




ZZ Top


TNF quality via the Amazon app

โ€ข Erik W. in Maryland writes:

Third time e-mailer. The other two were published. I do not know if it is my Amazon (sub) Prime subscription, or my internet connection, but I noticed that the video quality of the Thursday night football games has been poor.

The video is choppy and not good. Is this the same for the rest of the Screencaps (nation, experience, underground etc. some other nickname for us), or are they getting 4k video? It is odd that I can get better quality video on some Youtube channels where some guy films himself driving in Europe with a Gopro, than on Amazon.

Thanks for the good work and as my daughter is in the Michigan flag line, Go Blue. Sorry, Kid first.


Here’s my recommendation for those still experiencing Amazon issues. Delete the app. Re-install. Update your TV software. I was having issues until doing updates and it’s been smooth sailing ever since.

And that’s it for December 26. I have a PS5 account to create so I can battle some of you this winter. Good luck to those of you returning gifts today. Good luck to those of you who are going to work. My day is officially done here at OutKick as I get a little more time off.

Have a great day and enjoy that Motor City Bowl and Chargers-Colts.


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