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Breaking down the “Greatest Scene in Cinematic History”

• Brandon C. in Pinckney, MI wants to try his hand as a film critic with a classic, “Major League.”

Deep dive analysis on this one:

* First thing that gets you is the music. It’s light, airy, humorous, then goes a little metal with Wild Thing, and a little spooky with Pedro Cerrano. Then back to light and airy. Really sets the mood

* As Lou Brown is walking toward the batters box to see Vaughn throw, he’s the dictionary definition of every coach you ever had who was a hard-on but respected. Vaughn’s response is also perfect, a crotch adjustment of the cup. Most baseball move ever. 

* Then even as the fastball goes blazing by their head, because you haven’t seen Vaughn throw before the scene, you’re diving out of the way with the “whoosh” sound effect in your head, but Lou and Pepper just stand there like the old-time baseball gods they are. And sure enough in a dead pan tone, Lou comments how we have to teach him some control before he kills somebody, and you believe him. While the sign hangs by a thread behind him and Vaughn gets the ball back unphased. A lesser movie director would have had Vaughn having some sort of goofy tick or apology, and Lou and Pepper diving out of the way as pitch was coming. But in this scene, it immediately sets the respect level for the guy you just saw 5 minutes ago selling tires. 

* The scene with Dorn– if you’ve ever been a baseball coach at any level, you have one of these guys on your team. Doesn’t matter if it’s tee-ball or the College World Series. You got a pretty boy who thinks he’s too good for basic drills. Lou’s “don’t give me that ole bullshit” line is something every coach has always wanted to say to his players but couldn’t for fear of modern lawsuits. Lou Brown don’t care about your Tort filings. He’s here to hit fungos at you with increasing difficulty and speed. 

* Cerrano– I’m sorry, I mean future POTUS David Palmer… without even seeing Jobu on the field, you know something is awe inspiring yet completely wrong with this guy. Monster shot, monster shot (notice the bird squawking in the background after the second hit), then abject failure. 

* Finally, the second scene with Dorn is perfect from a man-world point of view. Dorn is bitching about legalities. Brown without talking establishes his dominance in the relationship by not only throwing the contact on the ground, then takes a leak on it, then looks Dorn right in the eye while he’s pissing on it, then finishes and walks along. So MANSOME.

Speaking of baseball, this is an absolute miracle

Somewhere Mark P. is yelling “I told you so!” over my declaration that I’d gladly buy my own tickets to a Reds game if they could stay within 10 games of first place by June 1.

Mark P. in Indiana wins.

The Reds have snapped off four straight victories and now are within legitimate striking distance of first place.

Dear baseball gods, please don’t let this jerkoff ownership family trade away all the talent after they build a strong team. Honestly, all I’m asking for is one playoff run to the N.L.C.S. just to feel alive about Reds baseball one more time in my lifetime.

I’ll always have 1990 in my back pocket and the memories of sitting halfway up in the red seats with my father. I’m not asking for much here.


• Heywood J. writes:

In general, I think people in charge of HOAs have too much free time on their hands, then they try to impose their values on everyone in the neighborhood.

Surprisingly, a lot of the replies to this tweet were quite civil and a lot of comments show you just how good people are to their neighbors.


Ah, HOA drama. Let me tell you about the spineless HOA where we live. There’s a house around the bend of our street that used to be owned by an older couple. It was pristine. Spotless. Beautiful trees. Beautiful yard. It was their treasured property. Then they passed and suddenly the house was in the hands of someone who must be a loser son or grandson who has absolutely trashed the place.

There have been somewhere around a dozen dumpsters in the driveway over the past 3-4 years. Put it this way, there’s no way that many renovations were being done in the house. There are weirdos in and out of the house at all hours, zombies hanging around out front, shitbag cars visiting on a daily basis.

The HOA clearly hasn’t said a word about the dumpsters or the yard which looks like it’s maintained by drug addicts.

I’m convinced one of two things will ultimately happen to that property:

  1. The house will burn to the ground when one of the scumbags falls asleep with a lit cig.
  2. The sheriff’s office eventually runs a bust on the place and Big Daddy Gov. takes ownership.

Meanwhile, the HOA is off making sure mailboxes are up to code and forcing you to have your address mailbox cover replaced by the only guy allowed to do the work for like $200.

F1 vs. Indy Car

• Greg in Missouri writes:

I have to write in response to John from SD’s statement about IndyCar vs. F1 in the Memorial Day Screencaps.

His statement is laughable.  The Indy 500 is the greatest spectacle in racing, they even have a trademark saying that, and IndyCar racing is much more competitive than the billion-dollar parade that is F1.

In six F1 races this season, all have been won by Red Bull (four by Verstappen, two by Perez, and Verstappen finished second in the two races won by Perez).  In six IndyCar races this season, there have been races won by three teams (Penske with three, Ganassi with two, Andretti with one) and five different drivers (Newgarden with two, McLaughlin, Palou, Ericsson, Kirkwood).  

At Monaco, Verstappen, Alonso, and Ocon started 1, 2, 3.  At Monaco, Verstappen, Alonso, Ocon finished P1, P2, P3.  At the 500, Palou, Veekay, Rosenqvist started 1, 2, 3. At the 500, Palou finished P4, Veekay finished P10, Rosenqvist finished P27. Josef Newgarden won the race starting 17, Marcus Ericsson finished second starting 10, and Santino Ferruci finished third starting 4.  There were 52 lead changes in the 2023 Indy 500.  The last on-track pass for the lead at Monaco – 1996.

Sure, if you’re all about celebrities, following the “in” thing, and spending billions of dollars on watching cars run parade laps, F1 is for you.  But, if you like real racing, then IndyCar is just the ticket.

‘Do Hard Things’ isn’t the same for everyone

• Kenn Heyder (last name used because he’s now an author and it’s on the book) writes:

Just like any other married guy, I recently found myself taking a detour from the ordinary and going for a hearing test because I wanted to prove to my wonderful wife of 23 years my hearing was fine. And guess what? The results came back, and it turns out I needed hearing aids. Can you believe it? Talk about a surprise to a 45-year-old man!

First, I have to admit, I was a pissed and not willing to accept it. But then, a thought struck me like a lightning bolt: How would a child handle this very same situation? That’s when inspiration struck, and I decided to turn my own experience into something positive for kids facing similar challenges. I thought let’s channel my Daryl in Indy- Mr. Do Hard things, so I wrote a book over the last 6 months, and it came out last week on Amazon.

My book: Jack and the Crunchy Leaves: My First Hearing Aids” was born. I based the illustrations on my son Jack and even had the illustrator make it look like him. He is 17 but this takes me back to when he was a little kid.

More IG embed drama

• Clay W. writes:

Having repeatedly experienced the missing IG photos in Screencaps I switched over to Brave as my browser. The photos, and everything else, all works fine over there. It’s great browser as well.

Keep up the fantastic work.

This is from the middle of Ohio.

• Gerard W. writes:

IG’s aren’t showing in Chrome but they are in Microsoft Edge on my laptop

Belk decided it wanted to test the market to see if there’s a reaction over a size 2T trans flag shirt

Patio Season 2023

• Hunter in Arkansas writes:

Just now getting around to a grilling update in. Cooked a couple ribeyes on my “car wheel” as you so eloquently put it for Mother’s Day, then smoked a couple pork butts for my daughters birthday this past weekend.

Also got sick of trying to talk myself into paying for a ridiculously overpriced outdoor sectional so I decided to build my own. In it for maybe 1/3 of the price one would cost to buy premade. I’m certainly no carpenter, if I can do it anyone can. Just loosely followed a couple online plans. It will get a coat of stain once the lumber dries out. The wife and I have been taking full advantage and enjoying the cool evenings.

This seems extreme, but I kept watching

• Thanks to Bill F. for sending this in via the Instagram DMs:

That’s it for this morning.

By the way, the local weather guys, right on cue, started talking “drought” during Tuesday weather updates and now they’re thinking we could make a run at the drought of 1988 which was absolutely brutal on this part of the country. Needless to say, I’m not expecting much action out of the midwest this week for league night.

The 2023 TNML All Star Break on June 8 could be coming at the perfect moment. Stay tuned.

Have a great day!


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