Twelve-Year-Old Waukesha Parade Survivor To Throw First Pitch For Milwaukee Brewers

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The Milwaukee Brewers lifted spirits after inviting 12-year-old Tucker Sparks to appear on the mound on Opening Day (April 14) to toss the ceremonial first pitch.

Sparks is the older brother of the late Jackson Sparks, who was fatally injured in the Waukesha Christmas parade tragedy.

On Nov. 21, a speeding SUV drove through a marching line of paraders — killing six people and injuring 60 more.

Eight-year-old Jackson Sparks was among the victims that succumbed to their injuries.

Older brother Tucker, 12, will help kick off the Brewers’ 2022-23 MLB season by throwing the first pitch from American Family Field.

Tucker was among the injured at the event, suffering a fractured skull and road rash. Both Tucker and Jackson attended the Christmas parade alongside their youth baseball team, the Waukesha Blazers.

Two survivors from the Waukesha tragedy also made an incredible comeback this week.

Erick Tiegs and Tyler Pudleiner, who were both hit by the speeding vehicle and deranged driver, returned to the baseball field to start for the Waukesha Blackshirts on Wednesday.

Both students were praised for their incredible comeback from the injuries sustained on Nov. 21, 2021. The two boys recovered from critical damage; including a C4 spinal fracture, broken ribs, collapsed lung, fractured femur, broken shoulder and a fractured skull.

Tyler’s mother, Katie Pudleiner, spoke on Wednesday’s emotional return.

“For the longest time, he couldn’t tie his shoe. He couldn’t bend over. He couldn’t do just daily activities without being in a lot of pain,” she said, as reported by CBS-58.

“I’m just excited. I mean it’s cold. It’s windy. It’s baseball in Wisconsin in the spring, but I’m glad he’s back out there.”

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