Tweets from people who were mistakenly watching a Final Four “Team Cast”

It is a tradition unlike any other.  Since 2014, Turner provides a “Team Cast” broadcast option for the Final Four where the game is called by announcers who are fans of, and are openly rooting for, one of the teams in the game.  This year, the national broadcast with Jim Nantz, Grant Hill, and Bill Raftery was on TBS, while the Team Cast broadcasts were on TNT and TruTV.  Each year, invariably, many people tune into one of the Team Cast broadcasts believing that they are watching the national broadcast.   It is an honest mistake, and an understandable one. Nevertheless, it is still humorous to see some of these folks’ reactions when they hear the announcers openly rooting for one of the teams.  Saturday night’s  TNT “Team Cast” Broadcasts were Michigan-friendly announcers for the first game and Kansas-friendly announcers for the second game.  Here are some tweets from people who tuned into TNT thinking they were going to hear unbiased commentary…



Fred Segal is an attorney from West Palm Beach, FL. He operates the popular Freezing Cold Takes twitter account (@OldTakesExposed) which highlights, among other things, hilarious unprophetic and inaccurate takes and predictions. 

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Written by Fred Segal