TV Cameras Catch Davis Webb’s Parents, Girlfriend In Awkward Silence, Mystery Beer May Hold Answers

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Davis Webb and the New York Giants gave the Philadelphia Eagles a bit of a scare on Sunday afternoon. While it ultimately didn’t go the G-Men’s way, Webb’s parents and girlfriend were on hand to watch it happen.

TV cameras caught a glimpse of them sitting in a luxury box and looking thrilled to be sitting with each other.

A picture says a thousand words, and in this case, most of those words are “Oh my god, that looks excruciatingly uncomfortable.”

We need to give this picture the Zapruder film treatment.

Was There A Fourth Sitter In The Webbs’ Sky Box?

If we’re looking at this on the surface, It would appear that Donna and Matt Webb, may not be huge fans of their son’s gal pal, Donnett Hickson. Note the buffer seat.

However, on closer inspection, is that truly a buffer seat? Or has an unidentified fourth person exited the seating area and made a mid-game mad dash to the Lincoln Financial Field bathrooms? There is evidence that this could be the case.

Note the beer which appears to belong to an unidentified fourth party, henceforth referred to as the “mystery beer.”

Is there tension between Mr. and Mrs. Webb and Ms. Hickson, or could a mystery beer point to an unidentified fourth party missing from the picture? (Twitter/@TodayInSportsCo)

The mystery beer could belong to Ms. Hickson, however, this would seem unlikely. She appears to have a beverage near her in what would be considered a normal placement for one’s beverage.

Note the silver cup’s orange garnish. This points to it being a Blue Moon to a similar variety of wheat beer (perhaps a screwdriver, but this seems unlikely. That doesn’t strike me as a cold-weather stadium beverage).

Having reviewed the evidence, it is my expert opinion that another party — perhaps one of Webb’s siblings or a grandparent — was not present when CBS turned its cameras on the family. This painted an unscrupulous picture of a fractured relationship between Webb’s parents and girlfriend.

Or maybe they really do get on each other’s nerves. I don’t know.

Whatever the reason, it’s a hilarious picture.

Television cameras have a habit of catching people in awkward moments. For instance, Bills quarterback Josh Allen and his girlfriend were seen sitting in the awkward aftermath of a selfie at the NLCS last year.

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